Person-Enabled Health

Transforming Chronic Disease Management Through a Person-Enabled Health Approach

How is person-enabled health revolutionising the management of non-communicable disease? Exploring both the patient and the clinician perspective, this session will examine how citizens can connect with their care teams to create a partnership that supports personalised health goals and self-management. How can digital solutions such as wearables and apps best be leveraged to help to prevent disease and aid early diagnosis? For citizens to be engaged in their own health it is essential they have access to understandable, relevant, evidence-based information that meets their specific needs. We will focus on diabetes care as an example of how person-enabled health can be applied to non-communicable disease, capitalising on digital health tools, technologies, data and analytics. There will also be insights from the public/ private partnership Gravitate Health, which is creating a digital tool with the aim of equipping and empowering citizens to be involved in their own patient journeys.


Learning outcomes:

  • ​​Examine how person-enabled health is revolutionising the management of non-communicable disease.
  • Learn from an example of a patient-enabled approach to caring for a patient with diabetes.
  • Gain insight from an example of a digital tool which aims to provide trustworthy health information to equip and empower citizens to be more involved in their own patient journeys.

Session Details

June 16, 2022
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM


  • CPD


Dr Elina Pimiä
Chief Medical Expert
Finnish Diabetes Association
Ms Lea Raak
Blickwinkel Diabetes;
Mr Herko Coomans
Digital Health Policy Coordinator
Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport
Prof Anne Moen
University of Oslo