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HIMSS Virtual Events: Nominations for HIMSS Awards now open through August 29th.
Career Profiles
This issue of Clinical Informatics Insights explores career profiles from Informaticists outside of the walls of the hospital.

Technology Strategist and Consultant
by By Christopher Kunney, CPHIT, CPHIMS, MSMOT, Managing Partner/Technology Strategist for IO Technology Consulting & FY17 Chair, HIMSS Chapter Leaders Taskforce  

I've had some level of affiliation with health IT industry for most of my career. After graduating from college in the late 80s, one of my first jobs was as the data center manager for the America Red Cross, Atlanta location.
Chief Nursing Information Officer (CNIO)
by Patricia J. Mook MSN, RN, NEA-BC, CAHIMS, Chief Nursing Information Officer Inova Health System  

At Inova today, I hold the privilege of being the first Chief Nursing Information Officer (CNIO) for this health care system. It is my job to provide visionary leadership and establish direction for a comprehensive clinical informatics and education program.
Program Director and Associate Professor
by Victoria Wangia-Anderson, PhD, Program Director/Associate Professor at the University of Cincinnati and FY17 Co-Chair of the Technology Informatics Guiding Education Reform (TIGER) Committee  

As an undergraduate student pursuing a degree in the life sciences and interested in the healthcare and public health, I was aware that healthcare and public health were lagging behind in terms of adopting information technology.
A Journey to Informatics
by Stu Rabinowitz, MBA, Director of Federal Markets and Channel Partners, Socrata & HIMSS Clinical & Business Intelligence Committee Member  

My journey to informatics started with an illness in my family. At the time of this Illness I had more than 20 years of information technology (IT) consulting, a bachelor’s degree in business, an MBA, and felt completely helpless.
Many Informatics Hats
by Dr. Maxine Rand, DNP, MPA, BSN, RN-BC, CPHIMS, Director of Clinical Education, Practice and Informatics at Kaiser Permanente.  

My transcendence into clinical informatics was unexpected. I was a director for multiple clinical and support services for Kaiser Permanente and utilized our ambulatory clinical documentation system to review emergency department summaries for neurosurgery patient transfers or repatriations.


Recent Notable Scientific Publications in the Field of Applied Clinical Informatics, #5
By Vitaly Herasevich, MD, PhD, MSc, FCCM, CPHIMS, Associate Professor of Anesthesiology and Medicine in Department of Anesthesiology, Mayo Clinic

In this monthly digest of recently peer-reviewed publications in the area of applied clinical informatics, we started with covering notable review articles.



Engage, Empower, and Collaborate with Women in Health IT
HIMSS has launched the Women in Health IT Roundtable an opportunity for year-round engagement via education and networking.  As part of a robust strategy, Healthcare IT News launched a dedicated section of the website - "a room of one's own," so to speak - exclusively focused on news, career advice, profiles, success stories and recognition of women in health IT and the issues that are most pressing.  In addition, a Women in Health IT newsletter is being launched. 

The results of a 2015 HIMSS survey of 20,000 women in health IT on workplace, job satisfaction, recognition and opportunities to move up - coupled with another on salaries for women in this field compared with compensation for men - spoke clearly to HIMSS Executive Vice President Carla Smith.  Both surveys revealed pressing needs for resources and community for women in health IT. Carla Smith will be leading the first in the series of bimonthly webinars for the Women in Health IT Roundtable on August 25. 

Generating Better Care Insights with an Enriched Data and Technology Toolbox
Health information technology has had a good run for the past decade. This story now becomes even more intriguing as health IT taps into new data to develop new patient care insights, enriching the toolbox for delivering better care. As these technologies are still evolving, now is a good time to get acquainted with the rich range of new data sources and how these new technologies address important care challenges. Read full details

TIGER's New Informatics Definitions Document
TIGER (Technology Informatics Guiding Education Reform) compiles interprofessional informatics to collaboratively define and document core health informatics terminology. This provide context to the global TIGER interprofessional, interdisciplinary community when terms are referred to on, official documents and within the TIGER Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). As the field of informatics continues to grow and change, so will the terms defined within this resource. Read the document. Do you have a term, not currently listed, to share?  Email TIGER with your feedback and proposed inclusions.

Applications Open for HIMSS Health IT Awards and Scholarships, July 5 - August 29
HIMSS is now accepting nominations and applications for awards and scholarships that recognize significant professional contributions to the field of health IT, from outstanding industry service and leadership, service to HIMSS, chapter activity, and publications. Read full listing, including the HIMSS-AMDIS Physician Executive Leader of the Year Award and HIMSS-ANI Nursing Informatics Leadership Award.


By Cheryl D. Parker, PhD, RN-BC, FHIMSS, Chief Nursing Informatics Officer, PatientSafe Solutions, Inc.

Top 3 Lessons Learned from a 39+ year Career
For the Career Profiles issue - here are my top three lessons learned over my last 40 years of working.

#1-Never Let Pre-Deciding Shape Your Future
What is pre-deciding?  It's making a decision on an opportunity in your own head before asking i.e. "I'll never get that job, I only have about 80% of what they are looking for" or "I'll never get accepted into that program."  You can't get what you don't ask for!  Now, remember that just because you ask, you might not get it but at least you asked.  You didn't pre-decide.

#2 Networking is Critical
If you truly want to grow your career, grow your network.  Volunteer in professional associations, attend conferences and actually talk with people.  Learn from people who are in a position you would like someday.  Be a mentor someone.   Have a dialog with vendors and exhibitors - help them learn and you can learn as well.  And remember, the people you meet today may be the people who hire you tomorrow.  Or your colleagues.  And keep your network as positive as possible. Do your very best never to burn bridges.  You never know when you will work with the same people again...or maybe they're very good friends.   

#3 Get out Before You Burn Out
I was an emergency department nurse for many years and I loved it.  But every once in a while I could feel myself getting burned out.  Rather than staying making myself and everyone around me miserable, I would take breaks from ED nursing and do something else.  I've done long-term care, occupational health, home health, taught in an associate degree program and so on.  Actually, having a wide variety of career experience has served me well.

Explore the Clinical Informatics Insights Archive
Explore the Clinical Informatics Insights Archive
Missed an issue? Have a favorite you haven't read in a while? Explore the archives which go back to 2012.

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