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Women in HIT Awards: Most influential women in Health IT Awards. Nominations are now open.

Recording Now Available! August 2016 Health Story Project Roundtable: The Story of a Patient Story That's Making a Difference for HIT Standards
Lenel James and Lisa Nelson share the story of their experience to date with the HL7 C-CDA Care Plan Document standard and its trial use in a multivendor team that included multiple EHRs and a Payer Care Plan Management System. Watch Now!

The Most Vexing Problem in IT: The inability to share records stymies efforts to improve the health system.
The once-arcane concept of interoperability among information technology systems has become a mainstream issue, rising from the backrooms of IT departments up to C-suites and the boardroom. Health systems nationwide have invested billions of dollars in electronic health records and information technology only to realize the EHR data troves they own now have to work with others’. For the most part, they can’t.

Call for C-CDA Presentations!
The HIMSS Health Story Project is collecting real-life Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture (C-CDA) implementation stories that demonstrate direct impact on your organization and patient care from the viewpoint of implementation teams, clinicians and the staff’s unique experiences. Share your story today!

HIMSS Interoperability Showcase™ at HIMSS17- Evolving with New Opportunities
August 23, 2016 | 1:00 PM-2:00 PM EDT
The HIMSS Interoperability Showcase has evolved to represent an ecosystem where a variety of standards-based health IT enables individuals to securely access, contribute, and analyze their own health data. Join this presentation to learn more about the ‘how’ and ‘why’ you and your organization should get engaged in our demonstrations. This year we’re excited to host an improved attendee experience - with interactive Gateway Stations, enhanced Education Theater, targeted tours, innovative demonstrations, and the Product Marketplace. #EmpowerHIT Register Now.

Improving Patient Care Through Interoperability
From the HIMSS Innovation Center: Interoperability and collaboration are vital to positively transform health and healthcare for individuals and communities. When health information systems and technologies communicate with each other, information flows securely and appropriately within and across organizational boundaries. When patient data is securely and seamlessly shared, it is updated and appropriately accessible at all points of care. This provides a complete and accurate view of the patient - anytime and anywhere - resulting in safer, higher quality and more cost-effective care.

National Conventions and Health IT
HIMSS co-hosted two discussions "Game Changing Innovation: Health IT as a Catalyst for Healthcare Transformation" in Cleveland and Philadelphia to provide non-partisan education to delegates, healthcare professionals, media, and the general public.

HIE Highway

One Goal; One Contract: How a Nationwide Health Data Sharing Framework is Revolutionizing Interoperability
by Mariann Yeager, MBA, CEO of The Sequoia Project
Think of a highway where there is no guidance to regulate how drivers must operate while on it. It would be chaotic and dangerous, to say the least. The same is true for the information networks that health care providers and patients traverse daily. Read more...

Blending Structured and Unstructured Data to Develop Healthcare Insights
From the HIMSS FY16 HIE inPractice Task Force
When health IT professionals use the term, “big data,” they generally refer to the use of structured and unstructured data. Together, these concepts are reshaping discussions in health IT. This paper (1) introduces the concepts of unstructured and structured data in healthcare, (2) provides a process illustration of their data flow, (3) discusses mini case studies demonstrating new insights that can come from blending these types of data and (4) outlines recommendations for next steps for processing the growing volumes of electronic health data to improve patient care.

IHE International: Patient Care Coordination Domain Educational Session
August 9, 2016 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CDT
Does your organization work with document exchange, order processing, or workflows? Are you looking for experts to help you navigate electronic health information exchange? Join IHE International’s Patient Care Coordination (PCC) committee for a free informational webinar on August 9th at 12:00 - 1:00pm CT/1pm ET to learn how IHE and the work of the Patient Care Coordination committee can impact your organization or client’s patient care. Attendees are also invited to participate in the committee to help develop new solutions that address their biggest interoperability challenges. Register for this free event today!

Are EHR Vendors Poised to Extinguish Public HIEs?
Researchers at the University of Michigan found an 11 percent drop in the number of state and community exchanges between 2012 and 2014 from a total of 119 HIEs down to 106 - and perhaps the more telling discovery is that all are facing barriers to success while only half of those reported financial stability.

Phase 1 winners of Consumer Health Data Aggregator and Provider User Experience Challenges
The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) announced the Phase 1 winners of two application (app) challenges to make electronic health information easier to access and use for both consumers and providers. Applicants were challenged to use the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®) standard and open application programming interfaces (APIs), which are modern resources that make it easier to retrieve and share information superseding what currently exist in most EHRs.

HIMSS Exchange

Nominations Open for HIMSS North America Nominating Committee
HIMSS North America seeks health IT and healthcare policy leaders to serve in open positions on the HIMSS North America Nominating Committee. Candidates must be Regular or Life Members or the senior executive representative of a Corporate/Non-Profit Partner Member firm, and must have achieved advanced membership status (Senior Member or Fellow) prior to being slated. Submit complete nominations (self-nominations or other) to Denise Ambrose by August 12, 2016. For more information, visit our website.

Women's Health IT Roundtable
Engage, Empower, and Collaborate with Women in Health IT
HIMSS has launched the Women in Health IT Roundtable an opportunity for year-round engagement via education and networking.  As part of a robust strategy, Healthcare IT News launched a dedicated section of the website - "a room of one's own," so to speak - exclusively focused on news, career advice, profiles, success stories and recognition of women in health IT and the issues that are most pressing.  In addition, a Women in Health IT newsletter is being launched.

National Health IT (NHIT) Week
National Health IT Week 2016 (September 26-30th) is an independent, Partner-driven awareness week focusing on expanding the value that health information technology (HIT) can bring to U.S. healthcare.  Events and activities are held around the country to bring recognition to this important cause. We hope your organization can join this year. There is no cost for HIMSS members to become Partners of National Health IT Week 2016. We will keep you up to date on events during the Week, and your participation will be highlighted in our promotions across the industry. Become a Partner in National Health IT Week 2016 today!

Don't Delay - Share Your Expertise and Test Immunization Workflow Online Tools
Electronic health records and health information technology play a critical role in improving the rate of appropriate immunizations in the United States
The Immunization Integration Program (IIP), a collaborative effort between Chickasaw Nation Industries, Inc. (CNI), HIMSS and ICSA Labs - takes immunization workflow mainstream, streamlining and improving overall vaccine administration and management process.
Share your expertise:  Take time now to be part of this testing period and review the workflows below. Visit the website to share your expertise by testing the workflows.

Please share your feedback by August 15. Details appear about each of the immunization-related capabilities. A link for each of the eight workflows appears on the page with information including an overview, example, guidance, references to both test scripts and data elements, as well as a survey form for your feedback. Learn more here and check out the FAQs for more information! Contact with questions or for more information.

HIMSS Virtual Events: Nominations for HIMSS Awards now open through August 29th.

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August 9th
IHE International Patient Care Coordination Domain Educational Session

August 23rd
HIMSS Interoperability Showcase 2017- Evolving with New Opportunities

August 25th
Women in Health IT Roundtable

September 7th
The Role of Standards in Preventing & Mitigating Health IT Patient Safety Risks

September 18-21st
SHIEC 2016 Annual Conference

September 26-30th
National Health IT Week

September 28th
HIMSS Fall 2016 Interoperability & HIE Community Roundtable

HIMSS Virtual Events: National health IT Week. Spetember 26-30. One voice. One vision.

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