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Special Edition: TIGER Activities at MEDINFO 2017 | September 7, 2017

Authors: Ursula Hübner, PhD, Professor, Medical and Health Informatics and Quantitative Methods, University of Osnabrück, Co-Chair of the TIGER Committee, EU*US eHealth Consortium Team Lead & Toria (Tori) Shaw, MSW, Senior Manager, Clinical Informatics, TIGER Staff Liaison, HIMSS, EU*US eHealth Consortium Team Lead, joined by a host of TIGER contributors for this special edition.

MEDINFO 2017 was the 16th World Congress of Medical and Health Informatics held at Hangzhou China on August 21-25, 2017 with the theme of "Precision Healthcare through Informatics". MEDINFO conferences are the largest scientific events of their type held worldwide biennially in different countries around the world. This global conference was organized by the International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA) who acts as an "association of associations" by bridging together a multitude of organizational leadership, constituents and members, and the China Medical Informatics Association (CMIA). By providing leadership and expertise to the multidisciplinary healthcare community and policy makers, it enables healthcare transformation to be on par with the global vision for "improving the health of the world population". For more information about IMIA and to get involved, click here.

This special edition newsletter focuses on TIGER infused sessions, panels, site visits and workshops onsite at MEDINFO. Hangzhou is a big, beautiful and charming city of nearly eight (8) million residents known for its Westlake and for being a pioneer in medical care reform and informatics application in China, which provided the perfect backdrop to host this incredible, global conference. 

For more information about TIGER or to share feedback, please contact us at  We hope you enjoy this unique conference recap!

Panel 705: Formulating Strategies for Growth of the eHealth Workforce in Developing and Slow Technology Adoption Stories

The global healthcare community is working toward building a skilled eHealth workforce. This is especially needed in countries with developing infrastructures in healthcare and information technology, or where adoption of information and communications technology in health, is slow to occur.  This panel took place in the afternoon on August 23rd and explored strategies for building, educating and promoting the eHealth workforce, including care delivery professionals such as physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other allied health staff, by partnering with educators, governments, industry, and other stakeholders.  The session was moderated by Toria Shaw, Senior Manager, HIMSS North America and included presentations from Yukiko Yokobori, Director, Department of Science & Education, Japan Hospital Association, Osama El-Hassana, Head of e-Health Section, Dubai Health Authority, United Arab Emirates, and TIGER Pioneer, Dr. Marion J. Ball. Toria Shaw presented on behalf of Rachelle Blake, CEO/Founder, Omni Micro Systems, GmBH, who was unable to attend the conference. The panel concluded with a lively Q&A session with guest speakers from the audience that included Susan Newbold, Director, Nursing Informatics Boot Camp, Siobhán O'Connor, Lecturer, Edinburgh Napier University, UK and Celina Boyer, Executive Director, Health on the Net which triggered lots of information sharing, networking and collaboration discussions. We truly thank all who attended and made this event one of a kind!

Photo: Siobhán O'Connor, Marion Ball, Yukiko Yokobori, Osama El-Hassana, Toria Shaw, Susan Newbold, and Celina Boyer.

Workshop 696: Using the TIGER International Recommendations Framework for InterContinental Learning from Case Studies to Health Informatics Curricula

This unique workshop took place on Thursday, August 24th and brought together TIGERs from around the globe— Siobhán O'Connor from Scotland, UK, TIGER International Task Force Liaison, Dr. Polun Chang from Taiwan, TIGER's Asian pioneer, Dr. Karen Day from New Zealand, a long-standing TIGER representative—who all presented their impressive educational strategies and experiences. Their talks were embedded into Dr. Marion J. Ball's introduction into the TIGER (Technology Informatics Guiding Education Reform) Initiative, Dr. Ursula Hübner's presentation of the international recommendation framework, as well as Toria Shaw's overview of the TIGER Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). The workshop was attended by longstanding TIGERs such as Dr. Evelyn Hovenga from Australia, but also attracted new TIGERs in particular from China and Asia in general.

Photo: TIGER presenters joined by workshop participants.

Panel 697: The Quest for eHealth Enabled Inter-professionalism: A TIGER, IMIA, AHIMA/IFHIMA Joint Action on Educational Recommendations

The panel initiated by TIGER took place in the afternoon on August 24th and focused on the topic of how eHealth enabled inter-professional care can be facilitated by inter-professional education. The International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA) and American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) /International Federation of Health Information Management Associations (IFHIMA), the US-American and International Health Information Management Associations, as well as TIGER, presented their educational recommendations and pointed out their approaches to including different professionals, professional roles and their perspectives. Dr. Reinhold Haux, Professor & Director, Peter L. Reichertz Institute for Medical Informatics, University of Braunschweig - Institute of Technology and Hannover Medical School, Germany and former IMIA president, spoke on behalf of the IFHIMA, and provided an overview of IMIA's track record of recommendations, Dr. Mervat Abdelhak, Chair & Associate Professor, Health Information Management, Pittsburgh University, who represented the AHIMA, IFHIMA, provided an introduction into the Global Academic Curricula of the Global Health Workforce Council (GHWC) and finally, Dr. Ursula Hübner gave insights into the recent achievements of TIGER inclusive of the International Competencies Synthesis Project (ICSP) and provided an overview of the EU*US eHealth Work Project. Dr. Marion Ball, who moderated the session, utilized the discussion to engage high-profile attendees of the panel to share their vision about inter-professionalism in healthcare.

Photo: TIGER mascot joined by panel presenters and guests.

Tour of the Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital

Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital located in Hangzhou, affiliated with the Zhejiang University School of Medicine, is a leading hospital in China with a sophisticated health IT system that was recently awarded HIMSS Analytics Electronic Record Adoption Model (EMRAM) Stage 7. A delegation organized by Jianqing Bennett, President, Digital Medical Solutions, Carestream Health included IBM and global TIGER leadership. The group had the opportunity to visit the hospital on August 23rd to obtain an impression about its excellence. TIGER will next collaborate with Zhuang Yiyu, Vice President of Nursing, Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital, on a case study showcasing their health IT training to aid the EU*US eHealth Work Project findings.

Photo: Jianquing Bennett joined by the IBM and TIGER delegation

Inspiring Future Nurses with Health Informatics Education

Author: Karen Day, RN, RM, MA, PhD, FACHI, Senior Lecturer, Health Informatics, The University of Auckland and TIGER International Taskforce Member representing New Zealand

Our TIGER Workshop #696 got into full swing with Dr. Marion J. Ball reminding us why nursing informatics competencies are so important for nurses now and in the future. Watching her talk about how nurses are the closest clinicians to sick and healing people, I felt the spirit of nursing and nursing informatics rise in the room and hold us together. The nursing informatics story is and should be inspiring, and each of our case study presentations demonstrated that inspiration in the breadth and depth of what we are achieving and our visions for the future.

I attended other education workshops and presentation panels at MEDINFO. Similar to the TIGER Workshop, the audience and presenters came from all over the world but we felt a sense of collegiality without much introduction to one another. We had similar challenges and opportunities in our own educational institutions and somehow the presentations and discussions were simultaneously new and not new. I came back to New Zealand inspired to create a mini-MOOC about health informatics to entice healthcare practitioners to continue their education and become fully fledged health informaticians.

Photos: (Above) Karen Day; (Below) Dr. Day joined by her Bachelor of Health Sciences Honor student, May Lin Tye and her poster.

TIGER China: A Center Point for the Future

Author: Marion J. Ball, EdD, FAHIMA, FCHIME, FACMI, FAAN, FMLA, FHIMSS, HIMSS Inaugural Most Influential Women in Health IT Award Winner, TIGER Pioneer & International Taskforce Liaison, Professor Emerita, Johns Hopkins University, Senior Advisor, Healthcare Informatics, Center for Computational Health, IBM Research

As you already know, there were several presentations made and sessions led by members of the TIGER team at MEDINFO in Hangzhou. Tori Shaw, our TIGER leader, presented and chaired several sessions, as did Dr. Polun Chang, Professor, Institute of BioMedical Informatics, National Yang-Ming University, TIGER International Taskforce Leader for China & Taiwan, Ursula Hübner, TIGER Committee Co-Chair, Ming Chuan (Jessie) Kuo, PhD Candidate, Institute of BioMedical Informatics, National Yang-Ming University, Taipei, Taiwan, TIGER International Taskforce member for China & Taiwan,  Karen Day, Evelyn Hovenga, Susan Newbold, and countless others attended and aided these presentations. In the near future, finalized presentations led by TIGER will be available via the TIGER VLE for global community access. I would like to specifically say that not only was MEDINFO a successful professional meeting, but was also a turning point for TIGER international in China, due to the incredible networking abilities of Polun Chang and Jessie Kuo (soon to be Dr. Kuo!).

We are excited to share that discussions are now underway to possibly have a TIGER VLE Center in Shanghai due to many high-level leadership meetings orchestrated among the Nursing leadership in China led by Dr. Chang!

In addition to meetings in Taiwan, we were also invited to share the TIGER vision at a symposium chaired by Dr. Yingjuan (Jenny) Cao, Associate Professor, School of Nursing, Shandong University, Vice Director of Nursing Dept. of Qilu Hospital, Shandong University, & Director of Evidence-Based Practice Committee, Shandong Nurses' Association at the Jinan Nursing Association on Evidence-based Nursing Informatics meeting. Polun translated my presentation into simplified Chinese as I lectured.

TIGER was greeted with great enthusiasm from the nursing audience.  The symposium was followed by Dr. Chang providing a seven-day workshop focused on Nursing Informatics and TIGER information sharing. Please stay tuned-there will be substantial follow up in the next months and we will keep you posted.

I would just like to thank Ursula Hübner, our TIGER Committee International Co-Chair, Tori Shaw, our HIMSS TIGER Staff Liaison, and our TIGER Asia Champions, Polun Chang and Jessie Kuo, as well as all who worked so hard to make our China adventure such a success! The future has never looked brighter for TIGER on a global scale. None of this would be possible without our incredible community members, committee & taskforce members and leadership. A big THANK YOU to all who have contributed along the way!

Interested in learning more about the TIGER VLE? Click here for more information and to view a site demo

Photo: (first) Marion Ball and Polun Chang; (second) Dr. Yingjuan Cao joined by nurses at the Shangdong meeting; (third) Dr. Chang joined by students at the nursing informatics workshop

EU*US eHealth Work Project - Get Involved Today!

Building on its grassroots foundation and community support, the TIGER mission continues to advance through its global outreach and stakeholder adoption. In September 2016, TIGER was co-awarded funding to address the need, development, and deployment of workforce IT skills, competencies, and training programs for trained eHealth workers from the European Commission's Horizon 2020 research and innovation grant program. The 18-month EU*US eHealth Work Project, spanning from September 2016 to February 2018,  will work to measure, inform, educate and advance development of a skilled eHealth workforce throughout the European Union, United States and globally. The overall project goal is to create a legacy of digitally empowered health care professionals now and in the future. Consortium members are: Omni Micro Systems/Omni Med Solutions UG project coordinator (Germany), EHTEL (European Health Telematics Association (EHTEL) (Belgium), Tampere University of Technology (Finland), University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück) (Germany), Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum (Germany) and HIMSS Foundation (project execution by the TIGER Initiative).

The EU*US eHealth Work Consortium created a white paper, EU*US eHealth Works to Improve Global Workforce Development, that discusses the ways in which the EU*US eHealth Work Project, in cooperation with its Consortium members and a large stakeholder community, will work to measure, inform, educate and advance development of a skilled eHealth workforce throughout the European Union, United States and globally. Click here to download the white paper.

This Consortium and its stakeholders, are poised to uniquely answer the Horizon 2020 call. Together, we form a network of partners from academia, healthcare providers and industry, providing access to a rich wealth of experience and knowledge in health informatics education and training. We are working together toward the common goal of positively impacting the healthcare IT workforce by heightening skills and knowledge. Wanted to get involved? For more information, please visit

Dr. Kaija Saranto's Opening Ceremony Speech at MEDINFO

TIGER's very own, Kaija Saranto, Vice President for MEDINFO 2017, International Taskforce Lead for Finland, delivered one of the keynote speeches at the opening ceremony on August 22nd. As Vice President, she shared her excitement about the conference program as this was truly a historical event being hosted for the first time by the China Medical Informatics Association (CMIA). "MEDINFO conferences have always been important and unforgettable events. It is without a doubt that this tradition continues. It is our enthusiasm, our vision and our energy that health and biomedical informatics will always continue to be an important part of the health systems around the world." We could not agree more. Bravo, Dr. Saranto!

Join Us: EU*US eHealth Work Project Germany Stakeholder Event

The project will be presented by Rachelle Blake, Angel Blake, Omni Micro Systems-Omni Med Solutions GmbH, Hamburg, Germany/San Francisco, CA, USA; Ursula Hübner, Johannes Thye, Hochschule Osnabrück, Germany; Stephan Schug, EHTEL, Brussels, Belgium; Alpo Värri, Technical University Tampere, Finland and Toria Shaw, HIMSS North America/TIGER Initiative, Chicago, IL USA.

Date: Tuesday, September 19, 2017
Time: 7:30am - 9:00am Central Standard Time (CST USA) /1430 - 1600 CET
Location: GMDS Conference in Oldenburg, Germany; connection details to participate remotely:
Remote Access: Connection link for attendees:

  • Event number: 495 923 916
  • Event password: EUUS19sept

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