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In This Issue — May 1, 2013

HIMSS Federal Health Community goes to Atlanta • HIMSS publishes book on EHR adoption • Check out HIMSS activities for National Nurses Week

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What’s New
HIMSS Federal Health Community Goes to Atlanta
The HIMSS Federal Health Community (FHC) hosted its annual Regional Site Visit in Atlanta, recently, visiting Kaiser Permanente's TownPark Comprehensive Medical Center. The Federal Health Community is a community of profession within HIMSS that includes more than 1700 federal employees who are HIMSS members. During the Atlanta site visit, FHC members from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Department of Defense, and Government Accountability Office were given a tour of the new Kaiser facility, including an EHR demonstration. Click the link above to learn more.

Mobile Health-Related Bills in the 113th Congress
Mobile technology is dramatically changing the landscape of healthcare delivery, including by empowering patients and caregivers, enhancing remote monitoring, and improving care to rural and underserved communities. However, there are still major policy issues to be addressed such as data security, government regulation of devices and software, and HIPAA compliance. Congress is focused on a number of mobile health-related bills in the first four months of the 113th Congress. Click the link above for several examples of mobile health-related legislation introduced in the 113th Congress, and to keep up with Congressional activity with potential effects on health IT, subscribe to HIMSS' Health IT Policy Update.

Register for the June Government Health IT Conference & Exhibition
Register today for the 9th Annual Government Health IT Conference & Exhibition for the opportunity to share successes, challenges and best practices with key professionals from government, health IT and the healthcare provider communities—and leave with an understanding of how to evolve your decision-making and implementation strategies to take advantage of emerging health IT developments. Hosted from June 11-12 in the Washington DC area, the 2013 Government Health IT Conference & Exhibition will feature two tracks of programing: Delivering Better Care at a Lower Cost and Engaging with Consumers as a Care Partner. Potential track topics include health insurance exchanges/health insurance markets, ACOs, clinical and business analytics, fraud and compliance, system interoperability, mobile health, patient safety, and consumer engagement. Share your expertise through case studies, lessons learned, and best practice examples. Click the link above to register and to learn more.

Save the Date: National Health IT Week and the HIMSS 12th Annual Policy Summit
This year National Health IT Week will be Sept. 16-20, 2013. Start planning your participation with the National Health IT Week Toolkit, which contains ideas on press conferences and releases, open houses and tours, recognition events, social media opportunities, and other ideas you can implement to demonstrate the importance of health IT and the accomplishments you are making to improve patient care. As part of National Health IT Week, the HIMSS 12th Annual Policy Summit will be held Sept. 18-19, 2013 at the Hyatt Regency Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. The Policy Summit is HIMSS' annual Capitol Hill "fly-in" which includes expert speakers, discussions on the most important current health IT public policy issues, and visits with your Members of Congress or their senior staff to present HIMSS' top three Congressional Asks for the year. Member involvement in the Policy Summit is crucial in shaping the message that we carry to Capitol Hill. Click the link above to learn more.

HIMSS13 Online Continues On-Demand Access Through June 7
HIMSS13 Online provides access to select on-demand events from the 2013 Annual HIMSS Conference & Exhibition in New Orleans for only $39. Participants can gain actionable information and engage with peers as they seek out practical solutions to healthcare’s most demanding challenges. On-demand access to select portions of HIMSS13 Online will be available until June 7. Please click on the link above to learn more.

Tools & Resources
NEW! HIMSS Publishes Guide to EHR Adoption
A Guide to EHR Adoption: Implementation Through Organizational Transformation, a book published by HIMSS, addresses the lack of safety in today’s healthcare system, offering a valuable roadmap for an industry in the midst of massive reform. The book provides proven methods, insights and best practices for instituting checks and procedures that dramatically improve a hospital’s ability to dispense timely, high-quality, safe patient care through successful EHR adoption. Drawing on their extensive experience as clinical executives, as well as bedside caregivers, the authors offer guidelines for achieving successful EHR adoption that will focus healthcare executives, clinicians, and administrators on driving standardization of practice.

The book explores key components of EHR adoption including executive sponsorship, buy-in, staff development and training, go-live, workflow transformation, project management, and benefit measurement and realization. In addition, through case studies, A Guide to EHR Adoption offers a behind-the-scenes look at the successes and frustrations of guiding large and small healthcare facilities on the path to system-wide EHR adoption and standardization of practice. Click the link above to order the softcover edition of this book. Click here to purchase the eBook.

NEW! Participate with HIMSS During National Nurses Week—May 6-12
Next week is devoted to highlighting the diverse ways in which registered nurses, the largest healthcare profession, are working to improve patient care. May 12 has been designated as Nursing Informatics Day by the American Nurses Association, the Alliance for Nursing Informatics (ANI) and the HIMSS Nursing Informatics Community.

Join these complimentary HIMSS Activities:

NEW! Enhancing Practice Value through Meaningful Use & Health IT
Physician IT leader Paul Kleeberg, MD, FAAFP, CPHIT, FHIMSS, Clinical Director for the Regional Extension Assistance Center for HIT (REACH), will answer Meaningful Use questions and provide actionable information for achieving compliance incentives at this educational dinner presentation on May 21. This thought leadership program was developed for ambulatory physicians, practice owners and administrators, large physician practice groups and hospital-based practices, including IT staff. For more details and to register, click the link above.

NEW! CMS/ONC Plan Listening Session on Billing & Coding
HIMSS Vice President for Technology Services, Lisa Gallagher, is among the invited speakers at a May 3rd listening session hosted by the Centers for Medicare(CMS) and Medicaid Services and the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC). The meeting will focus on "EHRs, the increase in code levels billed for some Medicare services, and appropriate coding in an increasingly electronic environment. Speakers will discuss the effect of EHRs on quality clinical care, provider efficiency, and coding, as well as coding challenges and opportunities facing hospitals and clinicians." The event will be webcast; click the link above for details.

NEW! Fact Sheet from CMS & ONC Shows Health IT Progress
This week the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) issued a joint fact sheet, reporting on the positive progress and growth of health IT since the enactment of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act. Click the link above to access the fact sheet.

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Benefits of Image-Enabling the EHR: MU2 Implications for Hospitals, Imaging Providers and EHR Vendors
Click the link above to access this white paper from Merge. Free registration is required.

Going Beyond Meaningful Use
With the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act, organizations that adopt EMR software in a meaningful way may claim thousands of dollars in incentives for a limited period of time. But getting through over 1,000 pages of Meaningful Use Stage 2 regulations isn't easy. This informative white paper helps practices understand what they mean and how to respond. Click the link above. Free registration is required.

Improving Patient Care and Reduce Costs
This white paper discusses how to "cloud-enable" medical imaging and optimize vendor neutral archive investments. It illustrates how EMC Atmos cloud storage consolidates PACS silos, reduces storage costs, uses metadata-driven policies to automate image lifecycle management, and provides instant access to images from EMRs, mobile apps, and any viewer across modalities.

Creating and Testing Your IT Recovery Plan
Testing at least once per month is important to maintain engineering best practices, to comply with stringent standards for data protection and recovery, and to gain confidence and peace of mind. In the midst of disaster is not the time to determine the flaws in your back up and recovery system. Backup alone is useless without the ability to efficiently recover, and technologists know all too well that the only path from "ought to work" to "known to work" is through testing. Read this white paper to learn more about protecting your data through a proper backup system.

Taming Complexity—A New Solution for In-House Healthcare EDI
If hospitals and providers are the body of the healthcare industry, healthcare electronic data interchange is the heartbeat. This white paper compares the different solutions and costs for achieving HIPAA-compliant EDI, explains the specific technical challenges in the way of successful implementations, and explores new avenues for bridging the gap to an in-house implementation.

Size Up Your Cloud Options – Is Now the Time?
Will you be left at a competitive disadvantage if you fail to deliver SaaS-enabled solutions in the Cloud? Read this guide to the rise of Cloud computing in healthcare and learn how to rapidly SaaS-enable your organization today.

HIPAA Compliant Hosting
Healthcare providers must assure patients the utmost security, confidentiality, and integrity of sensitive information. This means maintaining total HIPAA compliance within their organization, including healthcare IT infrastructure. This white paper elucidates HIPAA compliant IT infrastructure, from physical and environmental controls, to appropriate guidelines between a Covered Entity and data center provider when outsourcing. It also helps clarify key points including service provider qualifications, and why Business Associate Agreements are integral for establishing accountability with partners.

The Need for Data Loss Prevention Now
Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is powerful technology that can be used to plug the holes in the data leakage dam affecting organizations worldwide. In the healthcare industry the consequences of leakage are particularly dire. This white paper offers an introduction to the topic of DLP, which is one of the most important and powerful tools in the information security industry.

Blood Systems Expands Remote Access Connectivity to Prepare for Disaster
For more than 60 years, Blood Systems has been offering its life-giving services throughout the Western U.S. Blood Systems wanted to optimize its network for business value, migrating to the latest WAN services. Read this white paper to learn how Blood Systems increased flexibility and now support business continuity requirements so the nation’s blood supply wouldn’t be interrupted in the face of a natural disaster or pandemic.

Calling All Members
NEW! HIMSS Patient–Centered Payer Roundtable is Accepting New Members
The Patient-Centered Payer Roundtable works to improve individual patient care, quality, and outcomes in a cost–effective manner by fostering collaboration and trust between providers, payers and vendors through the development of interoperable health IT. This year, the Roundtable is exploring key themes of creating better collaboration between payers and providers to support improved care and outcomes, and creating a holistic view of payer-provider IT solutions. Please join HIMSS for our next Payer Roundtable meeting on Thursday, May 16, 2013. Please visit HIMSS Patient–Centered Payer Roundtable web site at the link above for additional information. Participation is open to all current HIMSS members. Contact Nancy Devlin to join the Roundtable.

mHIMSS Usability and Consumer Engagement Work Group
Join the new mHIMSS Usability and Consumer Engagement Work Group today and help research and share innovative ways clinicians, patients, and other stakeholders experience healthcare from the consumer and provider perspectives. This group will meet weekly on Wednesdays at 12 pm (ET) through June 30, and will create one primary deliverable. Membership is open to all current HIMSS members. Contact Valerie Knoke at the e-mail link above if you would like to participate.

HIMSS Congressional Asks Work Group
During the annual HIMSS Policy Summit, this year September 18-19, 2013, participants will visit with Members of Congress and their staff to raise awareness for various topics concerning health IT policy. The Congressional Asks Task Force makes recommendations on HIMSS' top three Congressional Asks for the year. Click the link above to learn how you can participate in this short-term work group.

HIMSS Health IT Leadership Awards Task Force Seeks Volunteers
Every year during National Health IT Week (September 16-20, 2013), HIMSS presents the HIMSS Health IT Leadership Awards in recognition of federal leaders and state legislators who have made significant contributions to the advancement of health IT to improve healthcare, meriting national recognition. Nominees for the Federal and State Health IT Leadership Awards are selected by the HIMSS "Health IT Leadership Awards Work Group." Click the link above to learn more about serving on this short-term work group.

HIMSS eConnecting with Consumers Committee Seeks Members
The HIMSS eConnecting with Consumers Committee is now accepting new members for the following Task Forces:

  • Patient Engagement Task Force: This group will create a compendium of business cases highlighting best practices and lessons learned from providers’ use of health IT to engage patients. This group meets the third Monday of the month at 12 pm (ET).
  • Provider Value Proposition Task Force: This group will be responsible for the identification and creation of resources and tools related to personal health IT for all HIMSS providers, including business cases, best practices and lessons learned for technologies, including (but not limited to) PHRs, portals and mHealth. This group meets the second Tuesday of the month at 3 pm (ET).
  • Social Media Task Force: This group will create resources and tools as well as opportunities around social networking at HIMSS, including the Social Media Center at HIMSS13. This group meets the first Thursday of the month at 12 pm (ET).

All groups will meet monthly via WebEx. Participation is open to all active HIMSS members. For more information contact Valerie Knoke.

HIMSS Accountable Care Task Force Seeks Members
The HIMSS Accountable Care Task Force is accepting members for this new Task Force. The Task Force will be focused on the adoption and use of Health Information Technology for Accountable Care organizations and will be co-chaired by Paul Oates, CPHIMS, FHIMSS, IT Architecture, Cigna and Lee Lemelson, RPh, System Vice President, Clinical Applications, Banner Health. The Task Force will work to provide valuable tools and resources to the industry, specifically, use cases and best practices for Accountable Care Organizations. The meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month, 1 pm-2 pm (ET). To sign up for the Task Force, and to help us get to know each other’s background, skill set and interest, please take a moment to fill out this brief survey. The Task Force is open to all current HIMSS members. Contact Nancy Devlin, for further information.

HIMSS Now Accepting Applications for Advanced Membership!
If you have been a member of HIMSS for at least three years, you are eligible to apply for advanced membership. You can become a Senior Member or Fellow Member of HIMSS depending on years of membership and number of points. Points are earned for education and certification; experience and professional responsibility; presenting or publishing on health IT topics; and serving as a HIMSS volunteer on committees, work groups, chapter leadership, etc. See our Member Advancement webpage for more information, or email questions to the e-mail link in the headline above.

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HIMSS 12th Annual Policy Summit

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Meet Our Members: Judy McCarthy
Judy McCarthy is Chief Technology Director for National Jewish Health. She is responsible for the overall design, implementation, operations and support activities for the comprehensive computing infrastructure of the organization. McCarthy has led a development team in the implementation of a patient portal and is responsible for the technology strategy, actively seeking ways to leverage the integration of business processes with emerging technologies to streamline operations.

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AllMeds provides EHR and practice management solutions and services to specialty practices in the US, including Otolaryngology, Orthopaedics, Pain Management, Neurosurgery and others. For more than twenty years, CCI Group has been a leader in providing quality casework, fixtures, and computer station solutions to healthcare providers. Our legacy of excellent customer service and commitment our core values makes CCI the one to choose for your clinical IT storage solutions. Chetu pioneers the ‘Best of Both Worlds’ approach by providing high-quality, cost-effective IT Solutions with expertise in Healthcare and various industries without compromising on face-to-face customer interaction.

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CoCENTRIX provides innovative Coordinated Care solutions. Our Coordinated Care Platform empowers organizations to thrive in the business and delivery of Health & Human Services. The #1 provider of single sign-on & authentication for healthcare, enabling secure access & collaboration for two million healthcare users worldwide. Qualcomm Life is focused on device connectivity and data management, empowering health services companies and medical device manufacturers to deliver wireless health quickly and easily to those who need it.

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