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In This Issue — May 8, 2013

HIMSS celebrates National Nurses Week • HIMSS/WEDI ICD-10 National Pilot Program opens registrations for Phase II testing • 2013 Modern Healthcare CEO IT Achievement Award recipients announced

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What's New
HIMSS Honors Four Million Nurses in the U.S. during National Nurses Week
HIMSS is joining the American Nurses Association, the Alliance for Nursing Informatics (ANI) and other partners in celebrating National Nurses Week, May 6-12. The celebration raises awareness of the value of nursing and helps educate the public about the vital role nurses play in meeting the healthcare needs of Americans. In addition, May 12 has been designated Nursing Informatics Day by the American Nurses Association, ANI and the HIMSS Nursing Informatics Community. "National Nurses Week recognizes the contributions of all nurses as they provide quality care to patients and valuable leadership to the transformation of healthcare. On May 12 we recognize those individuals who have selected nursing informatics as a specialty, who are advancing technology-enabled, quality care" says Joyce Sensmeier, MS, RN-BC, CPHIMS, FHIMSS, FAAN, Vice President, Informatics, HIMSS. Click the link above to learn more about the HIMSS Nursing Informatics Community and to see the activities HIMSS is hosting throughout the week.

HIMSS/WEDI ICD-10 National Pilot Program Opens Registrations for Phase II Testing
The HIMSS/WEDI ICD-10 National Pilot Program, an industry-wide healthcare collaborative, was established to assist the healthcare industry in its efforts to prepare for ICD-10 testing and to share best practices from early adopter organizations. Phase I testing officially began April 16. Approximately 70 organizations, comprised of providers, hospitals, health plans, clearinghouses and vendors, are participating in Phase I of the Pilot Program, which runs through July 31. Incremental data on testing outcomes and findings will be published in the ICD-10 PlayBook, a free resource to the healthcare community. Registration is currently underway for Phase II testing, scheduled to occur Aug. 1 through Feb. 28, 2014. Interested organizations can apply online via the ICD-10 Playbook at the link above. The application deadline is July 5.

HIMSS13 Online Continues On-Demand Access Through June 7
HIMSS13 Online provides access to select on-demand events from the 2013 Annual HIMSS Conference & Exhibition in New Orleans for only $39. Participants can gain actionable information and engage with peers as they seek out practical solutions to healthcare's most demanding challenges. On-demand access to select portions of HIMSS13 Online will be available until June 7. Please click on the link above to learn more.

Register for the June Big Data and Healthcare Analytics Forum
Register today for the two-day Big Data and Healthcare Analytics Forum, June 4-5, in the Washington, DC, area. Attendees will hear first-hand how some of the most forward-thinking hospitals in the United States use analytics to improve care, reduce costs and uncover opportunity. Importantly, the forum will provide ample opportunity for attendees to engage and network with sponsors, exhibitors and speakers. Click the link above to learn more, to register and to view the full agenda.

Gain Valuable Conversion Insights at the ICD-10 Forum
Register today and connect with leading organizations, including HIMSS, WEDI, CMS, NGS and members of the ICD-10 National Pilot Program, at the ICD-10 Forum, June 17-18, in the Washington, DC, area. The forum will kick off on Sunday, June 16, with a workshop on fast tracking the planning and implementation of the late adopters, followed by two full days of sessions, keynotes and exhibit time. Click the link above to learn more, to register and to view the full agenda.

2013 Modern Healthcare CEO IT Achievement Award Recipients Announced
HIMSS and Modern Healthcare have announced the recipients of the 2013 Modern Healthcare CEO IT Achievement Award in Collaboration with HIMSS. This year's honorees are: John Bluford, president and CEO of Truman Medical Centers, Kansas City, Mo.; and Dr. Narendra Kini, president and CEO, Miami Children's Hospital. The recipients will be honored during National Healthcare IT Week in Washington, DC, on Sept. 18. In addition, the honorees will be profiled in a supplement to the June 3, 2013, issue of Modern Healthcare. For more details on the honorees, click the link in the headline above.

Tools & Resources
NEW! Improve Delivery and Outcomes with Clinical Decision Support Book
The second edition of Improving Outcomes with Clinical Decision Support: An Implementer's Guide has been substantially enhanced with expanded and updated guidance on using CDS interventions to improve care delivery and outcomes in diverse care settings. The book synthesizes critical success factors from the literature and scores of stakeholders from healthcare delivery organizations, professional societies, vendors, federal agencies and other sources. This edition has been reorganized into parts that help readers set up (or refine) a successful CDS program in a hospital, health system or physician practice; and configure and launch specific CDS interventions that recipients appreciate and that measurably improve targeted outcomes. Two detailed case studies illustrate key points about how a "real-life" CDS program—and specific CDS interventions—might evolve in a hypothetical community hospital and small physician practice. The book won the 2012 HIMSS Book of the Year Award. Click the link above to order the softcover edition. Click here for the eBook.

NEW! New Health IT Information on HIMSS State HIT Dashboard
The National Coordinator for Health IT predicts interoperability will be the driving force behind healthcare change over the next two years, a trend now easier to track with new information available on the HIMSS State HIT Dashboard. In addition to the broad range of information already available on the Dashboard, users can now track accountable care organizations (ACOs), eHealth Exchange participants and Department of Commerce export sites. Click the link above to access the Dashboard.

NEW! HIMSS Analytics Publishes Free Report on Healthcare Provider Network Solutions, Barriers and Challenges
As health care organizations implement information technology solutions, including components of the EHR, it becomes increasingly important for healthcare organizations to have a strong, reliable network infrastructure. Yet, there are many challenges healthcare organizations face as they attempt to build out these networks. As health systems extend their footprint across multiple hospital campuses, nursing homes, physician offices, and even patient homes via home care visitations, organizations must ensure their data is transmitted in a stable environment. Read this free report from HIMSS Analytics by clicking the link above.

NEW! ICD-10 Provider Podcast Series Updated with ‘Documentation Improvement
Download and listen to the newest podcast addition from the HIMSS ICD-10 Task Force, ICD-10 Documentation Improvement. Dr. Joe Nichols, Principal for Health Data Consulting & member of the ICD-10 Task Force, provides an overview of documentation requirements for the ICD-10 code set and the required changes to improve existing clinical documentation. Click the link above to access the podcast. If you are interested in becoming a speaker for this podcast series, contact Ebony Morgan.

NEW! Privacy & Security Task Force Publishes ‘Health Insurance Marketplace Overview'
The HIMSS Privacy & Security Task Force has released its newest publication, "ACA Requirement: Health Insurance Marketplace Overview — Part 1." The white paper discusses the history of each approach to providing access to health insurance; regulatory oversight; services provided; target audience; and privacy and security issues to be resolved. Part II of this paper, scheduled for publication in July, will provide a detailed overview of privacy and security tools currently available to health insurance marketplaces; their existing capabilities, applications and any gaps between what is available now and what may be needed in the future.

NEW! Event to Tackle Pressing Meaningful Use Questions
Enhancing Practice Value through Meaningful Use & Health IT is an opportunity for ambulatory physicians, practice owners and administrators, large physician practice groups and hospital-based practices, including IT staff to find answers to their Meaningful Use questions and gain actionable information for achieving compliance incentives. The event, to be held May 21 in Bloomington, MN, will feature Paul Kleeberg, MD, FAAFP, CPHIT, FHIMSS, Clinical Director for the Regional Extension Assistance Center for HIT (REACH). Click the link above for complete details and the agenda.

Sponsored Content
Benefits of Image-Enabling the EHR: MU2 Implications for Hospitals, Imaging Providers and EHR Vendors
Click the link above to access this white paper from Merge. Free registration is required.

Going Beyond Meaningful Use
With the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act, organizations that adopt EMR software in a meaningful way may claim thousands of dollars in incentives for a limited period of time. But getting through over 1,000 pages of Meaningful Use Stage 2 regulations isn't easy. This informative white paper helps practices understand what they mean and how to respond. Click the link above. Free registration is required.

Improving Patient Care and Reduce Costs
This white paper discusses how to "cloud-enable" medical imaging and optimize vendor neutral archive investments. It illustrates how EMC Atmos cloud storage consolidates PACS silos, reduces storage costs, uses metadata-driven policies to automate image lifecycle management, and provides instant access to images from EMRs, mobile apps, and any viewer across modalities.

Creating and Testing Your IT Recovery Plan
Testing at least once per month is important to maintain engineering best practices, to comply with stringent standards for data protection and recovery, and to gain confidence and peace of mind. In the midst of disaster is not the time to determine the flaws in your back up and recovery system. Backup alone is useless without the ability to efficiently recover, and technologists know all too well that the only path from "ought to work" to "known to work" is through testing. Read this white paper to learn more about protecting your data through a proper backup system.

Taming Complexity—A New Solution for In-House Healthcare EDI
If hospitals and providers are the body of the healthcare industry, healthcare electronic data interchange is the heartbeat. This white paper compares the different solutions and costs for achieving HIPAA-compliant EDI, explains the specific technical challenges in the way of successful implementations, and explores new avenues for bridging the gap to an in-house implementation.

Size Up Your Cloud Options - Is Now the Time?
Will you be left at a competitive disadvantage if you fail to deliver SaaS-enabled solutions in the Cloud? Read this guide to the rise of Cloud computing in healthcare and learn how to rapidly SaaS-enable your organization today.

HIPAA Compliant Hosting
Healthcare providers must assure patients the utmost security, confidentiality, and integrity of sensitive information. This means maintaining total HIPAA compliance within their organization, including healthcare IT infrastructure. This white paper elucidates HIPAA compliant IT infrastructure, from physical and environmental controls, to appropriate guidelines between a Covered Entity and data center provider when outsourcing. It also helps clarify key points including service provider qualifications, and why Business Associate Agreements are integral for establishing accountability with partners.

The Need for Data Loss Prevention Now
Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is powerful technology that can be used to plug the holes in the data leakage dam affecting organizations worldwide. In the healthcare industry the consequences of leakage are particularly dire. This white paper offers an introduction to the topic of DLP, which is one of the most important and powerful tools in the information security industry.

Blood Systems Expands Remote Access Connectivity to Prepare for Disaster
For more than 60 years, Blood Systems has been offering its life-giving services throughout the Western U.S. Blood Systems wanted to optimize its network for business value, migrating to the latest WAN services. Read this white paper to learn how Blood Systems increased flexibility and now support business continuity requirements so the nation's blood supply wouldn't be interrupted in the face of a natural disaster or pandemic.

Calling All Members
NEW! HIMSS G7 Task Force Seeks Volunteers
HIMSS G7 is a thought leadership and strategic solutions forum comprised of healthcare industry organizations and professionals focused on defining the healthcare financial network of NOW and the future. The HIMSS G7 is the platform for Medical Banking ideas and discussions. The purpose of the HIMSS G7 Task Force is to plan the 36-month road map, select the HIMSS G7 event topics in collaboration with the HIMSS Business Centered Systems and the HIMSS G7 Sponsors, and communicate the G7 Advisory Report recommendations to organizations and policy makers. HIMSS is looking for task force members to represent the following areas: Banks and financial institutions, payers, providers, health IT firms, government, employer groups or those serving employer groups, and consumer groups or those service consumer groups. The HIMSS G7 Task Force will meet once per month for one-hour conference calls. The Task Force Charter for FY14 and conference call schedule will be determined once the task force is formed. If interested, contact Ebony Morgan at the link above.

NEW! ICD-10 NPP Physician Engagement and Communications Work Group Seeks Volunteers
The HIMSS/WEDI ICD-10 National Pilot Program is establishing the ICD-10 NPP Physician Engagement and Communications Work Group. This group will primarily be focused on answering questions and addressing the concerns of the physician community. They will also be responsible for advising the National Pilot Program Leadership Team on communications that should be pushed out to the physician community. Participants must be practicing physicians, in any environment, and available to attend weekly/bi-weekly teleconferences during the initial launch period. Frequency of meetings will change over time as directed by the WG chair. If you'd like to learn more about the HIMSS/WEDI ICD-10 National Pilot Program, attend an information session on May 22. If interested, contact Ebony Morgan at the link above.

HIMSS Clinical & Business Intelligence Community Seeks Members
HIMSS is accepting members for the newly formed Clinical & Business Intelligence (C&BI) Community. The goal of the C&BI Community is to bring together thought leadership and share knowledge that will support the future success of our members by improving their ability to understand and form partnerships to manage C&BI as a part of doing business and providing accountable and quality care to their members. The community will support activities that promote peer-to-peer networking, problem solving, solution sharing and education. Please join the Community on the fourth Thursday of the month, 1-2 pm (ET). Our next meeting will be May 23, 2013. Participation is open to all current HIMSS members. If you are interested in participating in the community or presenting a use case, join now. For more information, visit the C & BI Website

HIMSS Patient-Centered Payer Roundtable is Accepting New Members
The Patient-Centered Payer Roundtable works to improve individual patient care, quality, and outcomes in a cost–effective manner by fostering collaboration and trust between providers, payers and vendors through the development of interoperable health IT. This year, the Roundtable is exploring key themes of creating better collaboration between payers and providers to support improved care and outcomes, and creating a holistic view of payer-provider IT solutions. Please join the Payer Roundtable on the third Thursday of the month, 4-5pm Eastern. The next Payer Roundtable meeting will be on May 16, 2013. Participation is open to all current HIMSS members. To join, contact Nancy Devlin at the link above.

mHIMSS Usability and Consumer Engagement Work Group
Join the new mHIMSS Usability and Consumer Engagement Work Group today and help research and share innovative ways clinicians, patients, and other stakeholders experience healthcare from the consumer and provider perspectives. This group will meet weekly on Wednesdays at 12 pm (ET) through June 30, and will create one primary deliverable. Membership is open to all current HIMSS members. Contact Valerie Knoke at the e-mail link above if you would like to participate.

HIMSS Congressional Asks Work Group
During the annual HIMSS Policy Summit, this year September 18-19, 2013, participants will visit with Members of Congress and their staff to raise awareness for various topics concerning health IT policy. The Congressional Asks Task Force makes recommendations on HIMSS' top three Congressional Asks for the year. Click the link above to learn how you can participate in this short-term work group.

HIMSS Health IT Leadership Awards Task Force Seeks Volunteers
Every year during National Health IT Week (September 16-20, 2013), HIMSS presents the HIMSS Health IT Leadership Awards in recognition of federal leaders and state legislators who have made significant contributions to the advancement of health IT to improve healthcare, meriting national recognition. Nominees for the Federal and State Health IT Leadership Awards are selected by the HIMSS "Health IT Leadership Awards Work Group." Click the link above to learn more about serving on this short-term work group.

HIMSS eConnecting with Consumers Committee Seeks Members
The HIMSS eConnecting with Consumers Committee is now accepting new members for the following Task Forces:

  • Patient Engagement Task Force: This group will create a compendium of business cases highlighting best practices and lessons learned from providers' use of health IT to engage patients. This group meets the third Monday of the month at 12 pm (ET).
  • Provider Value Proposition Task Force: This group will be responsible for the identification and creation of resources and tools related to personal health IT for all HIMSS providers, including business cases, best practices and lessons learned for technologies, including (but not limited to) PHRs, portals and mHealth. This group meets the second Tuesday of the month at 3 pm (ET).
  • Social Media Task Force: This group will create resources and tools as well as opportunities around social networking at HIMSS, including the Social Media Center at HIMSS13. This group meets the first Thursday of the month at 12 pm (ET).

All groups will meet monthly via WebEx. Participation is open to all active HIMSS members. For more information contact Valerie Knoke.

HIMSS Accountable Care Task Force Seeks Members
The HIMSS Accountable Care Task Force is accepting members for this new Task Force. The Task Force will be focused on the adoption and use of Health Information Technology for Accountable Care organizations and will be co-chaired by Paul Oates, CPHIMS, FHIMSS, IT Architecture, Cigna and Lee Lemelson, RPh, System Vice President, Clinical Applications, Banner Health. The Task Force will work to provide valuable tools and resources to the industry, specifically, use cases and best practices for Accountable Care Organizations. The meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month, 1 pm-2 pm (ET). To sign up for the Task Force, and to help us get to know each other's background, skill set and interest, please take a moment to fill out this brief survey. The Task Force is open to all current HIMSS members. Contact Nancy Devlin, for further information.

HIMSS Now Accepting Applications for Advanced Membership!
If you have been a member of HIMSS for at least three years, you are eligible to apply for advanced membership. You can become a Senior Member or Fellow Member of HIMSS depending on years of membership and number of points. Points are earned for education and certification; experience and professional responsibility; presenting or publishing on health IT topics; and serving as a HIMSS volunteer on committees, work groups, chapter leadership, etc. See our Member Advancement webpage for more information, or email questions to the e-mail link in the headline above.

Meet Our Members

Learn more about this week's featured member

Willa Fields, DNSc, RN, FHIMSS Willa Fields, DNSc, RN, FHIMSS, professor, School of Nursing, San Diego State University, is the Chair of the HIMSS Board.

Fields has a diverse background in clinical nursing, education, research, performance improvement, management and information systems that spans more than 40 years. She teaches courses in informatics, personnel management and quality improvement in the graduate nursing program.

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