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In This Issue — June 6, 2013

Browse the new print and eBook titles published by HIMSS • Now accepting nominations for Board and Nominating Committee Positions • HIMSS14 opens call for pre-conference proposals

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What's New
Now Accepting Nominations for Board and Nominating Committee Positions
Nominations are now being accepted for the positions on the HIMSS Board of Directors and on the Nominating Committee. Nominees must be a Regular or Life Member or the senior executive representative of an Organizational Member who has achieved Senior* or Fellow status. Please send all nominations to Tara Little, or if you would like to mail it, please send to the address below. Nominations must be received by August 1, 2013.
Tara Little
33 W. Monroe, Suite 1700
Chicago, IL 60603
*To obtain further information on the advancement process and/or access the application please go to http://www.himss.org/ASP/advancement.asp on the HIMSS website.

HIMSS14 Opens Call for Pre-Conference Proposals
HIMSS is accepting abstracts for pre-conference programming for the HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition through July 22. Program topics include career services, clinical and business intelligence, consumer engagement, data warehousing, HIE, ICD-10, Meaningful Use, mobile health, privacy and security, and more. For more information, click the link above. For questions, contact Gail Rice.

HIMSS13 Online On-Demand Access Available Through Friday
HIMSS13 Online provides access to select on-demand events from the 2013 Annual HIMSS Conference & Exhibition in New Orleans for only $39. Participants can gain actionable information and engage with peers as they seek out practical solutions to healthcare's most demanding challenges. On-demand access to select portions of HIMSS13 Online will be available until this Friday, June 7. Click on the link above to learn more.

Alego Health Joins HIMSS Innovation Center as Founding Supporter
Alego Health, a national provider of health information technology and electronic medical record consulting services, was recently announced as a Founding Collaborator for the Healthcare Technology Showcase, which is part of the Cleveland-based HIMSS Innovation Center. Click the link above to read more.

Two Weeks Until the ICD-10 Forum–Register Today!
Two weeks remain until the start of the ICD-10 Forum, June 17-18, in Washington, DC. In addition to keynotes from Dr. Farzad Mostashari, National Coordinator of Health Information Technology, and Ms. Denise Buenning of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, a new workshop was recently added to the June 16 kick-off that will focus on "Fast-tracking the Planning and Implementation of Late Adopters." View the full agenda online. Join members of the ICD-10 National Pilot Program, HIMSS, WEDI, CMS and NGS at this two-day event and gain valuable insights into the conversion from ICD-9 to ICD-10 code set. For more information, click the link in the headline above.

Last Chance—2013 mHealth Summit Call for Presentations Closes Friday
The call for presentations for the 2013 mHealth Summit closes this Friday, June 7. Topics of interest include business and funding opportunities, Big Data, care settings, consumer/patient and provider engagement, emerging technology, payers/health plans; pharma and life sciences, global health, international perspectives, regulatory and policy, privacy and security and research. Click the link above to learn more.

Authors, Researchers Invited to Contribute to Upcoming Book on Mobile Health
HIMSS is seeking authors and researchers to submit case study abstracts on mobile healthcare, which if accepted, would be included in a major mHealth book, scheduled for publication in Spring 2014. Topics of interest include wellness (fitness, gaming, prevention); mobile growth sectors (remote patient monitoring, mobile imaging, HIEs, chronic disease management, population health); mHealth issues (patient safety, standards and interoperability, security, ROI); trends (consumerism, telehealth, mobile wallet, patient engagement, user experience, global perspective); next-generation technology (artificial intelligence, body area networks, convergence). Submit a 250-word abstract to Matt Schlossberg, Manager, Publications, by Friday, June 28. Abstracts should contain a working headline and contact information for all potential authors. The abstract's synopsis should contain a concise summary of the subject's problem/challenge/opportunity, the solution process, the solution implementation, and the results.

Government Health IT Conference to Feature Review Course for New Health IT Certification
The Government Health IT Conference & Exhibition, June 11-12, in Washington DC, will feature a Review Course of the new HIMSS credential Certified Associate in Healthcare Information & Management Systems (CAHIMS). The CAHIMS certification demonstrates knowledge of health IT and management systems, facilitating entry-level careers in health IT. The highly interactive Review Course at the conference serves as a gauge for your preparedness for the CAHIMS exam. Click the link in the headline above to register and to learn more.

Zambuto Receives Lifetime Achievement Award at ACCE Reception
The winner of the ACCE 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award is Ray Zambuto, CCE, MSB, FASHE, FHIMSS, FACCE, founding chair of what was to become the CE-IT Community, co-sponsored by HIMSS, ACCE, and AAMI. Click the link above to read more.

Tools & Resources
NEW! Explore the Latest Print and eBooks from HIMSS Publications
HIMSS Publications released several new books titles in 2013, offering readers new and thought-provoking perspectives on such topics as patient engagement, privacy, security, and data warehousing. HIMSS Publications also published new research and resources for professionals, including the 2013 Annual Report of the U.S. Hospital IT Market, the third edition of the best-selling HIMSS Dictionary of Healthcare Information Technology Terms, Acronyms and Organizations, and the latest edition of the CPHIMS Review Guide. All of these new titles are available in print and eBook editions. The eBook selections are also available for institutional site licenses subscriptions for healthcare organizations, vendors, universities, and libraries.

NEW! HIMSS Clinical & Business Intelligence Community Offers Presentation on Analytics
The HIMSS Clinical & Business Intelligence Community of Practice on June 27, will host a special presentation on "DELTA-Powered Analytics Assessment—." This is a new maturity model that assesses the analytical capabilities of healthcare organizations. This survey and certification program provides a roadmap to gauge how effectively your organization leverages data and analytics in order to empower intelligent decisions and drive strategy across multiple facets, measuring five critical analytics competencies, including data, enterprise, leadership, targets and analysts. Register at the link above.

NEW! HIMSS Nursing Informatics Community Continues Social Media Series
The HIMSS Nursing Informatics Community continues its series on social media this month and in July with three sessions designed to show the community how to best use social media to network, search for a job, engage with patients, and more. This three-part series will spend time on each of the three most popular social media channels. Click the following links to learn more and to register for one or all of the programs in the series: Let's Learn LinkedIn - Social Media Part 2 Series, June 13, 1 pm CT, register here; Let's Talk Twitter - Social Media Part 2 Series; June 27, 1 pm CT, register here; and Let's Hoot about Hootsuite - Social Media Part 2 Series, July 11, 1 pm CT, register here.

NEW! Registration Open for the June Emerging Professionals Webinar
Registration is open for "Accelerate IT Effectiveness," an Emerging Professionals Webinar scheduled for June 14. Hosted by James A. DiIanni, BA, MS, MEd, Head of Consulting and Implementations, BCS-North America, this webinar will explore how effective management of IT human capital is critical to the success and effectiveness of IT organizations. Register for the webinar by clicking the link above.

NEW! Career Services Updates Job Descriptions Document
The HIMSS Professional Development, Career Services staff along with members of the 2012-13 Career Services Task Force have created a compilation of frequently asked job descriptions for various health IT career opportunities. This document contains a sampling of jobs in the health information technology field. While there are many types of positions available in health information technology, this guide provides you with the positions that Career Services is most often asked about. This guide was created in order to help employers create job descriptions. It can also be used by employees to see what other jobs are available in the field and edit their resume accordingly. Access the document at the link above.

Watch the Most-Talked About HIMSS13 Sessions
The HIMSS eLearning Academy released a recordings package of the most talked about HIMSS13 Education Sessions. The Social Media Collection was mined from the 38,972 tweets posted during the 2013 Annual HIMSS Conference & Exhibition in New Orleans on March 3-7. Sessions focus on some of the health IT industry's most challenging topics: Big Data, Patient Engagement, Usability and mHealth. View and purchase the seven most-talked about education sessions at HIMSS13.

NEW! Corporate Member White Paper: How Reform Models are Altering Physician-Hospital Relationships and the Implications for EHR Adoption
Health reform legislation has created additional models for physician-hospital collaboration, including ACOs, which can utilize bundled payments or shared saving contracts. With these local delivery systems, patients are assigned to a healthcare organization, and spending benchmarks are based on historical trends. When an ACO spends below these benchmarks, the organization is eligible for shared savings payments. Tracking quality measures ensures that patients are not negatively affected by limited care and are receiving necessary treatment. Read this Care360 white paper at the link above.

NEW! Corporate Member White Paper: Only HIE Can Handle the ‘Silver Surge'
Baby boomers will require more healthcare services than any other generation before them because new technologies, medical services and pharmaceutical advancements have significantly prolonged life spans. National Vital Statistic Reports states, at the turn of the last century, U.S. life expectancy was 47 years. Now it is estimated to be closer to 77 years, and growing. As a result of this, the over 65 population will nearly double. With these generational pressures approaching, with the volumes of patients represented by the baby boomers, and with incoming older patients being more tech savvy than previous generations, more care will be driven to the home, and boomers will require more technology to deliver and maintain their independence. Read this ICA white paper at the link above.

NEW! Corporate Member White Paper: Top 10 Clinical Communication Trends Special Report
Voalte, the leader in mobile technologies for the healthcare industry, partnered with American Nurse Today, the official journal of the American Nurses Association, to gain insight into the clinical communication landscape in the nation's hospitals. Click the link above to read more.

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Benefits of Image-Enabling the EHR: MU2 Implications for Hospitals, Imaging Providers and EHR Vendors
Click the link above to access this white paper from Merge. Free registration is required.

Going Beyond Meaningful Use
With the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act, organizations that adopt EMR software in a meaningful way may claim thousands of dollars in incentives for a limited period of time. But getting through over 1,000 pages of Meaningful Use Stage 2 regulations isn't easy. This informative white paper helps practices understand what they mean and how to respond. Click the link above. Free registration is required.

Improving Patient Care and Reduce Costs
This white paper discusses how to "cloud-enable" medical imaging and optimize vendor neutral archive investments. It illustrates how EMC Atmos cloud storage consolidates PACS silos, reduces storage costs, uses metadata-driven policies to automate image lifecycle management, and provides instant access to images from EMRs, mobile apps, and any viewer across modalities.

Creating and Testing Your IT Recovery Plan
Testing at least once per month is important to maintain engineering best practices, to comply with stringent standards for data protection and recovery, and to gain confidence and peace of mind. In the midst of disaster is not the time to determine the flaws in your back up and recovery system. Backup alone is useless without the ability to efficiently recover, and technologists know all too well that the only path from "ought to work" to "known to work" is through testing. Read this white paper to learn more about protecting your data through a proper backup system.

Taming Complexity—A New Solution for In-House Healthcare EDI
If hospitals and providers are the body of the healthcare industry, healthcare electronic data interchange is the heartbeat. This white paper compares the different solutions and costs for achieving HIPAA-compliant EDI, explains the specific technical challenges in the way of successful implementations, and explores new avenues for bridging the gap to an in-house implementation.

Size Up Your Cloud Options - Is Now the Time?
Will you be left at a competitive disadvantage if you fail to deliver SaaS-enabled solutions in the Cloud? Read this guide to the rise of Cloud computing in healthcare and learn how to rapidly SaaS-enable your organization today.

HIPAA Compliant Hosting
Healthcare providers must assure patients the utmost security, confidentiality, and integrity of sensitive information. This means maintaining total HIPAA compliance within their organization, including healthcare IT infrastructure. This white paper elucidates HIPAA compliant IT infrastructure, from physical and environmental controls, to appropriate guidelines between a Covered Entity and data center provider when outsourcing. It also helps clarify key points including service provider qualifications, and why Business Associate Agreements are integral for establishing accountability with partners.

The Need for Data Loss Prevention Now
Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is powerful technology that can be used to plug the holes in the data leakage dam affecting organizations worldwide. In the healthcare industry the consequences of leakage are particularly dire. This white paper offers an introduction to the topic of DLP, which is one of the most important and powerful tools in the information security industry.

Blood Systems Expands Remote Access Connectivity to Prepare for Disaster
For more than 60 years, Blood Systems has been offering its life-giving services throughout the Western U.S. Blood Systems wanted to optimize its network for business value, migrating to the latest WAN services. Read this white paper to learn how Blood Systems increased flexibility and now support business continuity requirements so the nation's blood supply wouldn't be interrupted in the face of a natural disaster or pandemic.

Healthcare Legacy Systems: How to Retire Them, Reduce Costs, and Maintain Access to All the Data Using Active Data Archiving
As new HIT systems are implemented, multiple legacy systems are left behind, requiring an overworked IT staff to provide internal support and maintain access to this complex combination of platforms. This briefing provides an overview of how active data archiving technology can be employed to address the many problems associated with healthcare legacy data management.

Calling All Members
NEW! HIMSS Clinical & Business Intelligence Community Seeks Members
HIMSS is accepting members for the Clinical & Business Intelligence (C&BI) Community. The goal of the C&BI Community is to bring together thought leadership and share knowledge that will support the future success of our members by improving their ability to understand and form partnerships to manage C&BI as a part of doing business and providing accountable and quality care to their members. The community will support activities that promote peer-to-peer networking, problem solving, solution sharing and education. Learn more and get involved at the link above.

Business Edge eNewsletter Seeks ICD-10 Authors
The HIMSS Business Edge, a monthly eNewsletter on business practices and information technology in healthcare, is calling for authors to write articles on ICD-10 topics. Contact Joanne Bartley or 312-915-9251, if you are interested in contributing an article.

Eligible Professionals: Have You Been Audited?
Share your or your colleague's journeys through the Meaningful Use auditing/attestation process: the good, the bad and everything in between. The Meaningful Use Center of Excellence is building resources to help prepare and guide other EPs through the Meaningful Use attestation process and would like to gain your insights. All contributors will be acknowledged in the online postings on the HIMSS website. For more information, contact Valerie Knoke at the e-mail link above.

HIMSS G7 Task Force Seeks Volunteers
HIMSS G7 is a thought leadership and strategic solutions forum comprised of healthcare industry organizations and professionals focused on defining the healthcare financial network of NOW and the future. The HIMSS G7 is the platform for Medical Banking ideas and discussions. The purpose of the HIMSS G7 Task Force is to plan the 36-month road map, select the HIMSS G7 event topics in collaboration with the HIMSS Business Centered Systems and the HIMSS G7 Sponsors, and communicate the G7 Advisory Report recommendations to organizations and policy makers. HIMSS is looking for task force members to represent the following areas: Banks and financial institutions, payers, providers, health IT firms, government, employer groups or those serving employer groups, and consumer groups or those service consumer groups. The HIMSS G7 Task Force will meet once per month for one-hour conference calls. The Task Force Charter for FY14 and conference call schedule will be determined once the task force is formed. If interested, contact Ebony Morgan at the link above.

HIMSS Patient-Centered Payer Roundtable is Accepting New Members
The Patient-Centered Payer Roundtable works to improve individual patient care, quality, and outcomes in a cost–effective manner by fostering collaboration and trust between providers, payers and vendors through the development of interoperable health IT. This year, the Roundtable is exploring key themes of creating better collaboration between payers and providers to support improved care and outcomes, and creating a holistic view of payer-provider IT solutions. Please join the Payer Roundtable on the third Thursday of the month, 4-5pm Eastern. Participation is open to all current HIMSS members. To join, contact Nancy Devlin at the link above.

HIMSS Congressional Asks Work Group
During the annual HIMSS Policy Summit, this year September 18-19, 2013, participants will visit with Members of Congress and their staff to raise awareness for various topics concerning health IT policy. The Congressional Asks Task Force makes recommendations on HIMSS' top three Congressional Asks for the year. Click the link above to learn how you can participate in this short-term work group.

HIMSS Health IT Leadership Awards Task Force Seeks Volunteers
Every year during National Health IT Week (September 16-20, 2013), HIMSS presents the HIMSS Health IT Leadership Awards in recognition of federal leaders and state legislators who have made significant contributions to the advancement of health IT to improve healthcare, meriting national recognition. Nominees for the Federal and State Health IT Leadership Awards are selected by the HIMSS "Health IT Leadership Awards Work Group." Click the link above to learn more about serving on this short-term work group.

HIMSS Accountable Care Task Force Seeks Members
The HIMSS Accountable Care Task Force is accepting members for this new Task Force. The Task Force will be focused on the adoption and use of Health Information Technology for Accountable Care organizations and will be co-chaired by Paul Oates, CPHIMS, FHIMSS, IT Architecture, Cigna and Lee Lemelson, RPh, System Vice President, Clinical Applications, Banner Health. The Task Force will work to provide valuable tools and resources to the industry, specifically, use cases and best practices for Accountable Care Organizations. The meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month, 1 pm-2 pm (ET). To sign up for the Task Force, and to help us get to know each other's background, skill set and interest, please take a moment to fill out this brief survey. The Task Force is open to all current HIMSS members. Contact Nancy Devlin, for further information.

Meet Our Members

Learn more about this week's featured member

Willa Fields, DNSc, RN, FHIMSSDean Athanassiades, PMP, CPHIMS, CHS, FHIMSS, DSHS, senior director, software customer services, with Philips Healthcare in Atlanta is chair of the Electronic Medical Record Change Management Task Force, a member of the Management Engineering and Process Improvement (ME–PI Committee) and the recipient of the 2012 HIMSS/SHS award.

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Eight-country Survey Shows Significant Increase in Healthcare IT. Learn more about Insight Driven Health.

Chapter Events
June 7
Central and North Florida
ACHE/HIMSS Joint Panel Discussion: The Healthcare Organization's Role in Formulating Public Policy

Upcoming Events & Deadlines
June 7
Deadline: 2013 mHealth Summit Call for Presentations

June 7
HIMSS13 Online On-Demand Access

June 11-12
Government Health IT Conference & Exhibition

June 13
HIMSS Nursing Informatics Community Continues Social Media Series: Let's Learn LinkedIn

June 14
Emerging Professionals Webinar: ‘Accelerate IT Effectiveness'

June 17-18
ICD-10 Leadership Forum

June 27
HIMSS Clinical & Business Intelligence Community Presentation: 'DELTA-Powered Analytics Assessment™'

June 27
HIMSS Nursing Informatics Community Continues Social Media Series: Let's Talk Twitter

June 28
Call for Abstracts—HIMSS mHealth Book

July 11
HIMSS Nursing Informatics Community Continues Social Media Series: Let's Hoot about Hootsuite - Social Media Part 2 Series

July 22
HIMSS14 Opens Call for Pre-Conference Proposals Deadline

Aug. 1
Nominations for Board and Nominating Committee Positions Deadline

Sept. 16-20
National Health IT Week

Sept. 18-19
HIMSS 12th Annual Policy Summit

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The first complete enterprise-wide mobile interoperability solution, the FDA-cleared AirStrip ONE delivers on the promise of clinical mobility. Crescendo is a leading provider of medical documentation software, specializing in clinical documentation, digital speech processing and workflow management and mobile solutions. Developed by Hyland Software, OnBase is an enterprise content management software that combines the technologies of document imaging and process workflow in a single application.

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ICA delivers a comprehensive interoperability platform that solves data and communication challenges for hospitals, IDNs, IPAs, HIEs, payers and others. Our Connected Health Platform drives patient engagement with the InteliChart Patient Portal & PHR and provides the platform to coordinate patient care for Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) and patient centered medical homes (PCMH). zCover designs, develops, & distributes Health Grade Carrying Cases w/Dock-in-Cases Solutions, innovated Unified Modular Docking System for IP Phones, Mobile Computers & Scanners.

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