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In This Issue — August 21, 2013

OCR Director to speak on HIPAA Omnibus at Privacy & Security Forum • Early registration for mHealth Summit ends Aug. 31

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What’s New

Leon Rodriguez Keynote Kicks off Privacy & Security Forum on First Day of New HIPAA Rules Enforcement
Office for Civil Rights Director Leon Rodriguez’ first public comments on the new HIPAA Omnibus Rule will kick off the Privacy & Security Forum, held Sept. 23-24, at the InterContinental Hotel in Boston. Since their release in January, healthcare executives have been preparing for enforcement of the new HIPAA rules. What better way to measure your organization’s progress and readiness than to hear directly from the man whose job it is to enforce its compliance? Rodriguez will provide an overview of how the new rules should affect healthcare providers while also providing a roadmap of what the OCR sees as the opportunities that allowing patients more privacy, easier access and greater control of their personal health information will have in helping patients become more engaged with their own healthcare. Rodriguez is also expected to discuss OCR's enforcement and audit programs discussing some of the areas where organizations can focus their attention to assure that their electronic health information is kept safe and secure. For registration and more information, click the link above.

Early Registration for the mHealth Summit Ends Aug. 31
The mHealth Summit, the largest mobile health event in the world and brings together providers, leaders, influencers and visionaries in wireless and mobile health delivery system technologies and integration as well as those in different stages of this transition to discuss hands-on strategies, examine success stories, and explore challenges and innovations. For registration and more information, click the link above. Early registrations rates end on Aug. 31.

Learn More about Proposed Changes to 2013 HIMSS Bylaws
HIMSS members will vote on bylaws changes and new board candidates from Oct. 15-Nov. 15. Now, with time before the election opens, spend some time to learn more about the proposed bylaws revisions. Sign in at the HIMSS Member Center to access information on the proposed changes. Click the e-mail link in the headline above with questions about the proposed changes to the 2013 HIMSS Bylaws. Be ready to cast your vote when the election begins in mid-October.

Registration Opens for the HIMSS Nursing Informatics Institute, Hosted by Boston Children’s Hospital
Register for the next HIMSS Nursing Informatics Institute, hosted by Boston Children’s Hospital, on Nov. 1. Learn from the nation's leaders in Nursing Informatics at this one-day educational event. Build on your career portfolio and enhance your knowledge of the role of nurses in implementing information technology to enhance nursing workflow, promote patient safety and yield outcomes that improve patient care. For more information and to register, click the link above.

Take Part in the 2013 HIMSS Compensation Survey
The HIMSS Compensation Survey is the definitive resource for health IT professionals to compare compensation packages. The survey, conducted biennially by HIMSS, provides overall statistics for trends in the industry, while offering demographic information by facility budget, facility type, geographic region, gender, length of service and professional level. HIMSS members have exclusive access to an on-line salary calculator. This calculator provides powerful benchmarking information; simply enter characteristics (such as job title, gender or geographic region) into the calculator for an average salary for other individuals who hold similar positions. Individuals who are not HIMSS members may also access a summary of the data, or join HIMSS to make full use of the tool. For more information about this study, contact Maggy Tieché, Manager, Research, HIMSS Analytics, at maggy.tieche@himssanalytics.org. Click on the link above to take the survey.

Tools & Resources

NEW! Good Informatics Practices Guidance: Six Modules Available as eBooks
Fueling the Life Sciences Innovation Engine, Good Informatics Practices (GIP) Guidance is an implementable IT system and process guidance for life sciences executives, technology practitioners and auditors designed to optimize and build a trusted IT ecosystem. By providing tools for measureable risk mitigation and return-on-investment, and support for a more rapid adoption of validated and trusted IT solutions, these GIPs enable you to have a common reference of trusted IT methodologies, framework and language directly associated with mitigating risk to public health. Each GIP Guidance module contains a rich body of resources, including Regulatory requirements (GLP, GMP, GCP and Part 11); standards, best practices and case studies; and employable tools such as sample documents, check lists, standard operating procedures, methodologies and specific best IT practices that support governance and compliance for an IT department. The GIP Guidance is a comprehensive online body of GIP modules, each topically oriented and containing a rich body of resources and aggregated information arranged into modules. Harness the transformational value of IT within your organization with GIP modules available at the HIMSS Bookstore.

NEW! Corporate Member White Paper: The Value of the Laboratory in the New Healthcare Model
Dan Scully, CEO at Buffalo Medical in New York, calls it "the 50 million dollar question"; as healthcare reform necessitates a shift from a fee-for-service reimbursement model to a value-based model, does the laboratory offer enough value in service and speed of results to convince practice administrators that it needs to stay safely ensconced within the facility? Read this Corporate Member white paper from OrchardSoftware at the link above.

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Video-Enabled Virtual Patient Observation
Leverage the Cisco Virtual Patient Observation solution to optimize the productivity of personnel assigned to visually monitor patients at risk for falls, wandering, pulling out tubes, or other forms of self-injury. Significantly reduce staffing costs without compromising patient safety.

Calling All Members

NEW! HIMSS C&BI Data and Analytics Task Force Seeks Members
HIMSS Clinical & Business Intelligence (C&BI) efforts empower members with practical guidance and unbiased information about how to harness the power of healthcare data. The HIMSS C&BI Data and Analytics Task Force is accepting members to help create the tools and resources providers and provider organizations need to manage, integrate and aggregate the necessary information to support robust data and analysis that will facilitate effective reporting by translating data into meaningful knowledge, resulting in improved quality, clinical and financial outcomes. Monthly meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the month, 1:00-2:00 pm ET. Our next meeting will be September 17, 2013. To sign up for the Task Force, and to help us get to know each other’s background, skill set and interest, please take a moment to fill out this brief survey. Contact Nancy Devlin for further information.

NEW! HIMSS C&BI Population Health Task Force Seeks Members
HIMSS Clinical & Business Intelligence (C&BI) efforts empower members with practical guidance and unbiased information about how to harness the power of healthcare data. The new HIMSS C&BI Population Health Task Force is accepting members to help create the tools and resources – including tactical C&BI strategies around data and analytics, and strategies for organizational planning and patient engagement – to help healthcare organizations use C&BI to execute population health management initiatives. The meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month, 2:00-3:00 pm ET. Our first meeting will be Tuesday, September 10, 2013. To sign up for the Task Force, and to help us get to know each other’s background, skill set and interest, please take a moment to fill out this brief survey. Contact Nancy Devlin for further information.

NEW! HIMSS Clinical & Business Intelligence (C&BI) Community
Clinical & Business Intelligence (C&BI) has the power to help you positively impact patient care, delivery, health outcomes, and business operation. The HIMSS C&BI Community supports activities that promote peer-to-peer networking, problem solving, solution sharing and education. Through membership, you will obtain practical knowledge and guidance to help you effectively manage and use data. The Community holds monthly Virtual Events on the fourth Thursday of the month from 1-2 pm (ET). Participation is open to all current HIMSS members. Join the Community today. For more information and to review and listen to past events, visit the C&BI Community web site. Participate in the next Community Virtual Event: Please join the Community for our next meeting on Sept. 26. Guest speaker Monica Horvath, PhD, Duke University will present “Duke Maestro Care Benefits Realization Project Framework,” which will describe the Duke Maestro Care business case for Duke Medicine; define the outcome and process metrics attributable to the Duke Maestro Care Software, workflows, and deployment decisions and seek to understand what factors shape these metrics (data mining and modeling); and explore the lessons learned in developing a benefits strategy in an environment of extreme change. To register for this event, please join the Community or contact Nancy Devlin for further information.

NEW! HIMSS Accountable Care Task Force Seeks Members
The Accountable Care Task Force is accepting members to help create tools and resources providers, hospitals, integrated delivery networks, health plans and other stakeholders need to achieve the industry transition from volume to value based healthcare through Accountable Care Organizations. The meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. Our next meeting will be September 11, 2013, 2:00-3:00pm ET. To sign up for the Task Force, and to help us get to know each other’s background, skill set and interest, please take a moment to fill out this brief survey. Contact Nancy Devlin, for further information.

Calling All Concierge & Retainer Based Medical Practices
HIMSS is collaborating on an academic study on "concierge" medical practices (e.g., retainer medicine, direct primary care, other types of fee for care preventative medicine). Please take a moment to complete and help us promote this survey.
Eligible participants:

  • Physicians that either own or partially own the concierge practices.
  • Office managers with 1+ years of experience at the practice (in lieu of the physician).
  • Any one physician at medium to large practices (greater than 10 physicians at the practice).

All responses will be anonymous and de-identified. You will receive a small incentive (Amazon gift card or a donation to the charity of your choice) in exchange for your time and willingness to participate via e-mail. The Factors Affecting Concierge Medicine Research is being conducted by Divya Srinivasan, PhD, Public Policy Student, George Mason University.  Please contact Divya directly by email (dsriniv2@masonlive.gmu.edu) if you prefer to answer questions through a phone or in-person interview or if you have any other questions. Click on the link above to complete the survey.

Chapter Advocacy Roundtable Seeks Members
HIMSS mobilizes its members to engage in various advocacy activities. State chapters are encouraged to designate one or more of their members to act as a "lead" for advocacy events, campaigns and outreach initiatives. Generally given the title "Chapter Advocate", these leaders are also often identified as Advocacy Chairs, Advocacy Co-Chairs or Advocacy Liaison. Chapter Advocates across the United States connect with one another through the Chapter Advocacy Roundtable (CAR). Once a year, Chapter Advocates have an opportunity to visit Washington, D.C. to attend an off-site training seminar and participate in HIMSS Public Policy Summit. This year’s annual Chapter Advocacy Roundtable training will take place on Sept. 18, at the Hyatt Regency on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. Please click the link above to register for the Policy Summit. Contact Julie Brown, Technology Solutions Coordinator at for further information.

Patient Engagement Technologies Task Force
Do you always have the latest gadgets and apps? Do you know the difference a telehome and telehealth? Join us as we help providers learn how to leverage emerging patient engagement technologies to improve the health and overall wellbeing of their patients. The task force will meet on the third Monday of the month at noon eastern. All current HIMSS members may participate. For more information, contact Valerie Knoke at the e-mail link above.

The Value of Patient Engagement Through Health IT Task Force
Bring your passion for improving patient health and strengthening the partnership between providers and their patients to this new HIMSS task force. Help build tools, resources and provide industry leadership while focusing on the four "pillars" of successful patient engagement: Wellness and prevention; behavioral and social health; home health; and financial health. The task meets on the second Tuesday of the month from 3-4 p.m. ET. All current HIMSS members may participate. For more information, contact Valerie Knoke at the e-mail link above.

Patient Engagement/Social Media Task Force
Be heard! Write blogs, participate in online discussions and social media events through the Social Media Task Force. Work with your peers to develop strategies to help inform and encourage providers to e-engage with patients and caregivers through social media platforms and help promote HIMSS' patient engagement efforts. This task force meets on the first Thursday of the month at noon eastern. All current HIMSS members may participate. For more information, contact Valerie Knoke at the e-mail link above.

Continuity of Care Task Force
It's of the upmost importance that clinicians use electronic health records and HIT to coordinate care in the ambulatory healthcare setting. The Continuity of Care Task Force will create resources and tools that promote and utilize IT to coordinate care amongst healthcare providers to provide better patient outcomes. This group will examine the role of HIT in the primary care setting as it relates to coordinating care with acute setting, Accountable Care Organizations and within Patient-Centered Medical Homes. The task force meets on the second Monday of the month at 2 pm ET. All current HIMSS members may participate. For more information, contact Valerie Knoke at the e-mail link above.

The Value of HIT and Meaningful Use Task Force
Help practices look beyond EHR implementation to the realization of the potential benefits of health IT. This work group will create and collect a library of success stories that show the full value that small medical practices and eligible providers can realize by using health information technologies. This task force meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 1 pm ET. For more information, contact Valerie Knoke at the e-mail link above.

Ambulatory Advocacy & Public Comment Work Group
Help solicit and provide feedback on legislation and public comments on regulations impacting HIT in the ambulatory care setting. This work group meets via e-mail and communicates through email as-needed in response to calls for feedback. All current HIMSS members may participate. For more information, contact Valerie Knoke at the e-mail link above.

Members In Action

Learn more about this week's featured member

Jeanette  Polaschek,  Director of Change Management ServicesCharles Boicey, MS, RN-BC, CPHIMS, is the informatics solutions architect for the University of California (UCI), Irvine, an academic research institution and medical center. At UCI, Boicey is responsible for the development and implementation of the enterprise data warehouse, health information exchange, home health integration and UC Irvine Health’s “Big Data” initiative.

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A full-service consultancy, Quammen Health Care Consultants offers planning, assessment and implementation services that support a wide range of healthcare information system initiatives for providers of all sizes. Ambir Technology delivers high-speed scanners and eSignature pads to the country’s leading healthcare organizations for use with EMR and PM systems. CompliancePoint provides HIPAA/HITECH & Meaningful Use assessments for the Healthcare Industry. Also offers consulting, training and the Compliance Automation Portal.

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Visit CompliancePoint online

Metro offers innovative technology, storage and transport solutions. The new Metro AccessPoint delivers the comfort, convenience and flexibility that healthcare facilities demand from their mobile computing technology. Phreesia, the patient check-in company, streamlines the patient check-in process, helping medical practices increase cash flow and save staff time. Xerox offers technology and business process solutions to care delivery organizations that address operational areas like patient data, revenue cycle, adoption and analytics that help transform information into insight.

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