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In this issue: Blending data to develop insights; Measuring Time: A perspective on long-term care; Inspire progress with your #IHeartHIT story; Generating better care insights with an enriched data and technology toolbox

What's New

Blending Structured and Unstructured Data to Develop Healthcare Insights
When health IT professionals use the term, “big data,” they generally refer to the use of structured and unstructured data. Together, these concepts are reshaping discussions in health IT. This paper introduces the concepts of unstructured and structured data in healthcare, provides a process illustration of their data flow, discusses mini case studies demonstrating new insights that can come from blending these types of data and outlines recommendations for next steps for processing the growing volumes of electronic health data to improve patient care.

Measuring Time: A Perspective on Long-term, Post-Acute Care
As the health care industry continues to respond to an aging population with more long-term health care needs, how does it ensure that it best supports patients as they transition between ambulatory, acute, and long-term, post-acute care settings?  Read more about one LTPAC thought leader’s perspective on more effective data sharing across the continuum of care in this blog post on the value a holistic understanding of the people behind the health data care providers share each day.

IHE North American Connectathon 2017
Developers of health IT systems along with standards experts gather each year to take part in the largest interoperability testing event in the industry, the IHE North American (NA) Connectathon 2017, Jan. 23 - 27, 2017. Connectathon participants test system interoperability and conformance to IHE Profiles—standards-based specifications for meeting real-world healthcare needs. The result: a collaborative atmosphere, which exposes barriers and promotes rapid problem resolution, promoting efficiency and innovation. IHE USA opens system registration on Sept. 12. Visit IHE USA’s website to learn more about benefits of testing, registration processes and fees.

Inspire progress with your #IHeartHIT story to support National Health IT Week
We are at a critical point on the path to healthcare transformation in the U.S. Policymakers want to know if we are making progress on health IT interoperability, so that the right information is available to the right person, at the right time, on the right device, in the right format to empower the right health decisions. Your stories can inspire a collective discussion on how to realize the full potential of health IT and health information exchange to improve access to quality care, more effectively engage patients and achieve better health outcomes. Share your story to support National Health IT Week Sept. 26-30.

Generating Better Care Insights with an Enriched Data and Technology Toolbox
Blog: Health information technology has had a good run for the past decade. This story now becomes even more intriguing as health IT taps into new data to develop new patient care insights, enriching the toolbox for delivering better care. Read more

Public Health Informatics Conference
The Public Health Informatics Conference presents the HIMSS Interoperability Showcase August 22-23 in Atlanta, Georgia. Today's healthcare providers face many important and competing needs/ goals. Whether the goal is continuous improvement, to realize improved patient safety and outcomes, or to meet government mandates, the interoperability demonstrations serve the healthcare and public health communities. These activities showcase the value of using standards-based solutions that improve the potential for seamless health information exchange between systems. Partnering with NACCHO and the CDC, take a tour of our demonstrations including: Healthy Weight, Vital Records, Cancer, STD Reporting, Electronic Case Reporting and Immunizations.

Creating an Environment to Support Value-Based Transformation
Join the HIMSS Clinical & Business Community on Aug. 25, as Jason G. Cooper, Vice President & Chief Analytics Officer, Horizon Healthcare Services Inc., provide an overview of data and analytics industry perspectives; the healthcare business case for enabling the triple aim; and a discussion of technology enablement, data augmentation and visualization. Register now for the event and join the C&BI Community to learn more about upcoming events.

Integrating Clinical & Business Intelligence into Workflow
Data are plentiful. Analytical tools are abundant.  But how to translate that data into knowledge, and incorporate it into a clinical and business workflow that results in delivery high-value care? Integration of data analytics is not unique to healthcare, but with the challenges posed by our enormously complex healthcare industry, the challenge still remains. This three-part series explores and identifies the challenges faced by healthcare organizations, both in business and technical terms and explores the topic of integrating C&BI with operational workflows in the clinical environment, provides some best practices, and looks to the future for new solutions. Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Practical Steps to Enterprise Data Governance
In this companion piece to "A Roadmap to Effective Data Governance: How to Navigate Five Common Obstacles," learn how to create a program that succeeds in getting your data governance started and sustained, understand the importance of data stewardship, and take the long-term view of data governance.

Can Predictive Analytics Become Healthcare's Crystal Ball?
Predictive analytics is increasingly being implemented by both providers and payers to power initiatives from improving resource utilization and cost optimization, to diagnosing diseases and coordinating care, to managing patient and staff workflow. This resource will help you improve outcomes and manage costs in three areas: Improving Care Delivery; Cost Containment; and Reducing Preventable Readmission.

One Goal, One Contract: How a Nationwide Health Data Sharing Framework is Revolutionizing Interoperability
Think of a highway where there is no guidance to regulate how drivers must operate while on it. It would be chaotic and dangerous, to say the least. The same is true for the information networks that health care providers and patients traverse daily. Mariann Yeager, CEO of The Sequoia Project explains.

August 2016 Health Story Project Roundtable: The Story of a Patient Story That's Making a Difference for HIT Standards
Lenel James and Lisa Nelson share the story of their experience to date with the HL7 C-CDA Care Plan Document standard and its trial use in a multivendor team that included multiple EHRs and a Payer Care Plan Management System. Watch Now

HIMSS Podcast STEPS to Value: The Value of People versus Patients: Understanding Long-Term, Post-Acute Care (LTPAC)
The second season's opening episode looks at the health IT landscape in the long-term, post-acute care (LTPAC) marketplace. It explores the considerations needed when integrating care between acute care providers, who often measure patient interactions in minutes, and LTPAC providers, who often measure patient interactions in years. What can both segments of the health care industry learn from another as they both work to excel in a value-based reimbursement environment? Listen to the episode.

Connected Health Conference Registration is now open
The Connected Health Conference focusing on Personal Connected Health for All: Expanding Reach, Accelerating Impact is now open for registration. It will take place Dec. 11-14 at the Gaylord National Resort in the Washington D.C. area.

Register now for the Global Digital Health Forum
This year's forum will explore Harnessing Digital Health Innovations on Dec. 13 & 14 at the Gaylord National Resort in the Washington D.C. area.

Call for C-CDA Presentations
The HIMSS Health Story Project is collecting real-life Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture (C-CDA) implementation stories that demonstrate direct impact on your organization and patient care from the viewpoint of implementation teams, clinicians and the staff’s unique experiences.  Share your story today.

Innovation Matters

HIMSS Introduces Women in Health IT Initiative
During the initial Women in Health IT Roundtable on Aug. 25, Carla Smith, executive vice president, HIMSS North America, will unveil thenew HIMSS Most Influential Women in Health IT Awards programand Women in Health IT community page and newsletter. These resources have been created to empower and advance women in health IT. Learn more about HIMSS's Women in Health IT initiative.

Tools & Resources

TIGER's new informatics definitions document
TIGER (Technology Informatics Guiding Education Reform) compiles interprofessional informatics to collaboratively define and document core health informatics terminology. This provide context to the global TIGER interprofessional, interdisciplinary community when terms are referred to on, official documents and within the TIGER Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). As the field of informatics continues to grow and change, so will the terms defined within this resource. Read the document. Do you have a term, not currently listed, to share?  Email TIGER with your feedback and proposed inclusions.

Still time to test immunization workflow online tools
The Immunization Integration Program (IIP), a collaborative effort between Chickasaw Nation Industries, Inc. (CNI), HIMSS and ICSA Labs - takes immunization workflow mainstream, streamlining and improving overall vaccine administration and management process. Learn more here and check out the FAQs for more information.

HIMSS Longitudinal Gender Compensation Assessment
Leveraging nine years of data from the biennial HIMSS Compensation survey reveals that on average, female health IT workers in the United States have consistently been paid less than their male peers. The magnitude of pay disparities tend to vary under select conditions suggesting compensation equity is possible. This report summarizes the general directional findings of gender disparity in health IT. Learn more.



Scott Smiser is the chief strategy officer and founder at Visum Healthcare Solutions. He has been involved with HIMSS for 15 years and actively involved with the Kentucky Bluegrass HIMSS Chapter.
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West's Engagement Center offers technology-enabled communications that help organizations solve patient access, patient care, and revenue cycle challenges.
Qualcomm Life is enabling new connected care models by unlocking vital data and insights in the hospital, at home and all points in between.
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OBIX, ideally designed for interfacing to EHR systems, provides system functionality at patient bedside, nurses' stations, remote physician offices, and clinics.
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