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Monday, December 3 | 12:00 AM – 1:00 PM ET

The Health Story Project continues to highlight the value of the clinical narrative with a review of natural language processing (NLP) technology. Panelists will share several use cases that apply NLP to narrative text to enhance the value of this information.

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Interoperability & HIE


The National Academy of Medicine (NAM) provided an accurate picture of the current activities that continue to perpetuate our quilt-like approach to interoperable data exchange instead of data liquidity in their special publication Procuring Interoperability: Achieving High-Quality, Connected, and Person-Centered Care.

How is progress possible?


In an interview with FierceHealthcare, Stuewe talked about his goals for the organization, why he thinks the “panacea” of interoperability is impossible to fulfill, and how blockchain factors into DirectTrust’s future.

What is next for DirectTrust?


In this blog, Genevieve Morris recounts how a simple infection that compounded by a lack of interoperability contributed to her father’s downturn in his fight against Alzheimer’s.

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Overall, HIMSS believes there is significant knowledge to be derived from collecting health IT comparison information. To appropriately address safety, HIMSS urged ONC to further refine the EHR Reporting Program to address health IT safety factors.

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Technology, Standards & Disruptors


As ‘blockchain bro’ culture develops, women in tech are banding together to emphasize gender inclusivity in this emerging space.

How can we emphasize entrepreneurial integrity and diversity?


In healthcare, blockchain offers the opportunity to improve data accessibility and interoperability with broad application for functions as varied as clinical care, supply chain and reimbursement.

What can blockchain solve?


November 5–6 | Nashville, TN
This two-day conference will bring together all members of the healthcare ecosystem including payers, providers, lawmakers, retailers and investors. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore and understand the blockchain solutions that are streamlining and reshaping the future of healthcare.

Join the original and largest conference at the intersection of healthcare and blockchain technology.


Corporate wellness programs today are challenged by technology. But it's because of an abundance of tools rather than a lack of options.

How can we cut through the clutter?


ConferenceBlockland Solutions


December 1 - 4 | Cleveland, Ohio
Join the conference for developers and business leaders to connect on real-world applications of blockchain technology, is coming to Cleveland this December.

Experience learning through hands-on coding and real-world problem solving.

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