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State of the Industry

It is common knowledge that the United States is currently fighting a war on the abuse of Opioids and other narcotic substances. It is not as well known that many of these wars are occurring in rural areas where drugs are plentiful, and access to treatment is challenging.


Health IT projects either fall short of business and clinical goals or are completely abandoned at an astonishing rate. Studies vary, but failure-rate estimates range from 35% to 75%.


Every day we hear news about Artificial Intelligence (AI) impacting more and more aspects of our lives. Stories about autonomous vehicles would probably top a current list of AI news. With all the excitement coming with these promising AI technologies, we are also starting to understand the limitations.


This annual study offers insight into the information and technology concerns of U.S. health leaders, especially those involved in the hospital marketplace.


Renaming the program as “Pathways to Success,” CMS is proposing to push more program participants to join two-sided risk models – in which they may share in savings and are accountable for repaying shared losses – rather than remain in models under which eligible ACOs receive a share of any savings under their benchmark but are not required to pay back a share of spending over the benchmark. Read more.


Prior to adjourning for the August recess, albeit an abbreviated break for the Senate, Congress was successful in accomplishing several key HIMSS policy priorities. In February, a two-year bipartisan budget deal was enacted into law that raised the budget caps for non-defense (and defense) discretionary spending. Read full details.


In an era when digital technologies enable individuals to track health statistics such as daily activity and vital signs, and new applications of artificial intelligence, social robots and vocal biomarkers are creating new opportunities for health, we are now facing the next great challenge: integrating these technologies in healthcare delivery, wellness and daily living. Thoughtfully embedding technology into healthcare will allow providers to focus on the human elements of caring. Read more.


We just published Volume 25 of the HIMSS Healthcare and Cross-Sector Cybersecurity Report. The report outlines new methods of Bluetooth attacks, digital theft and many vulnerabilities. Read full details.


Every day, 115 Americans die from an opioid-related drug overdose. To encourage awareness about the public health epidemic, HIMSS is hosting a series of webinars on leveraging health information and technology to mitigate the opioid crisis at the federal and state levels. Presenters will share model practices at the federal and state levels on state HIE collaborations as well as how to advance Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMPs), all in efforts to address the opioid crisis. Click here to view the recording of the last two webinars and register for the next webinar on Thursday, September 6 from 12:00-1:00pm ET.


Nominations are now being accepted for open positions on the HIMSS North America Board of Directors. If you wish to be considered for one of the open positions, please complete the online application and submit your CV (five-page limit) and three letters of reference to Denise Ambrose by 5:00 pm ET, August 17. More details are available here.

Nominations are now being accepted for open positions on the HIMSS North America Nominating Committee. If you wish to be considered for one of the open positions, please complete the online application and submit your CV (five-page limit) and two letters of reference to Denise Ambrose by 5:00 pm ET, August 17. Find out more here.
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