November 29 - December 2, 2020
| Digital


CEO and Co-Founder

Dr Albeyatti is the Co-Founder and CEO of Medicalchain. He graduated from Imperial College London as a doctor in 2011. He has always had a passion for innovation and problem solving and has developed solutions to inefficiencies he found whilst working in the UK National Health Service.  He continues to treat his patients on a weekly basis at a clinic in Leeds and strongly believes in providing tools to help his patients manage their health.

The company's headquarters are in London, UK but plan to roll out this platform worldwide with an office in Leeds, Switzerland and in the process of expanding to the far east and the US. 

As well as building Medicalchain, Dr Albeyatti continues to be involved in patient care and is the Chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners - Yorkshire Faculty.

Dr Albeyatti believes that blockchain technology has the ability to revolutionise the healthcare system by providing a platform that empowers people with full access and control over their own personal health records. As a result of his experiences and profile he is a sought after speaker in the world of healthcare and blockchain and has presented internationally at prestigious conferences as well as official government events.

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