November 29 - December 2, 2020
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Consultant Adult Hematology/BMT-Medical Oncology Pricncess Noorah Oncology Center
Asst Prof. in Hematology Oncology KSAU-HS


  • Graduated from the Facult y of Medicine – University of Aleppo
  • Completed Internal medicine Residency at the Cleveland Clinic – Cleveland – Ohio
  • Completed Hematology and Medical Oncology Fellowhsip at the Cleveland Clinic – Cleveland – Ohio
  • Current works as a Consutlant at the Hematology-BMT section / King Abdulaziz Medical City- Jeddah

CURRENT POSITION and Experience :

Consultant in the Hematology – Medical  Oncology – BMT  - King Abdulaziz Medical City – Jeddah since October -2007

  • Oncology – BMT  - King Abdulaziz Medical City – Jeddah since October -2007
  • Leader: Chemotherapy Task-force  ARIA MO Implementation team
  • I have more than 10 years history in chemotherapy safety management and using technology solution to improve the care provided to cancer patients
    • 2007: Developed an innovative “Smart PDF” solution for chemotherapy prescription. I used Java scripts to include into PDF chemotherapy formats – administration sheets in order to generate electronic dose calculations and accurate dose preparations. This was done order by order in Hematology and Medical Oncology
    • 2008: teamed up with a local pharmacist and utilizing visual basic we developed a full chemotherapy prescription – dispensing and administration solution that we called ChemoRx. This was initially used in Hematology and then widened to include all sections of the Oncology Department including Pediatric Hematology-Oncology. Multiple versions were innovated in the system including a recent one that included decision supports tools and smart electronic inputs. The software included a fully sufficient chemo-pharmacy functions and nursing administration functions. It continued to be used as the sole system in King Abdulaziz Medical City until June 2016
    • In 2015: I became the team leader for the implementation team of the full solution for Oncology management called ARIA MO ® from VARIAN
    • In 2017 I also became the team leader in implementing the subsystem of ARIA called Insightive Analytics ®