Director, Capacity for Renewal
Sitra - The Finnish Innovation Fund

Antti Kivelä leads the Capacity for renewal theme at Sitra. The theme area aims to improve Finland’s and Finnish people’s willingness and capacity for renewal to ensure the competitiveness and resilience of Finnish society. The theme area was previously called “Empowering society”. Before that, Antti was responsible for the municipal programme and the public-sector management programme at Sitra. In Antti’s view, Sitra’s role is as an independent operator that introduces reforms to further the interests of individuals in society. 

According to Antti, one of the reasons for the rigid structures in society is that long-established interest groups are able to lobby effectively to protect their interests. While these lobbyists remain entrenched in their own positions there are no spokespeople for new solutions and the new world order. The Capacity for renewal theme strives to challenge the prevailing situation.