van Wamel

CNIO, Nursing Liaison Officer
Spaarne Gasthuis

As a Chief Nursing Information Officer & Nursing Liaison Officer, I like to strive to increase for nurses: digital skills, use of data, networking, influence the future(proof) workspace and better (use) of EHR. Because we want healthy care, for patient, colleques, organsiation and welbeing for professionals themselves.

My assignment is to increase the nursing professionalism. To connect, know, lead and support nursing influence and leadership from board to bed. To strive for healthy, personcentered, futureproof care with proud, open minded, professional, driven, passionated nurses. I work in the Netherlands with a great network of CNIO's and the dutch nursing association.

So all my experience as nurse, unitmanager, chair of a nursing counsil, management-, governance-eduction and knowmads for innovation come to gether. That's what I would like to share at HIMSS

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