Head of Machine Learning and Data Analytics Lab
Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuernberg

I studied Electrical Engineering at the Friedrich-Alexander University (FAU) Erlangen-Nuernberg (Germany). I did my PhD in Biomechanics in 2010 at the University of Calgary (“Application of Pattern Recognition Methods in Biomechanics”). In 2011, I became assistant professor for Computer Science in Sports (an endowed professorship of the adidas AG). In 2017, I became full professor for 'Digital Support Systems in Sports and Health' within the Heisenberg-program of the German Research Foundation (DFG).
I authored more than 200 peer-reviewed articles, submitted 5 patent applications, and started three spinoff startup companies. Me and my team also won several medical-technical research awards.
In 2016, I was a visiting professor in Dr. Paolo Bonato’s Motion Analysis Lab at Harvard Medical School. In 2018, I was a visiting professor in Sandy Pentland's Human Dynamic Lab at MIT.
I am the representative of the FAU’s Central Institute for Medical Engineering, and closely connected to our Medical Valley and European Institute of Innovation & Technology for Health activities.
My current research interests are applied machine learning, data science, signal processing, simulation, human-computer-interaction, and sensor integration methods for wearable computing systems in human-centered studies with a focus on wellness, sports, and health care.
The purpose and motivation of my research is generating a positive impact on human wellbeing, be it through increasing performance, maintaining health, reducing injuries, improving rehabilitation, or monitoring disease.