Morcillo Serra

Medical Director - Internal Medicine
Sanitas Digital Hospital

He is an Internal Medicine specialist with interest in eHealth, leading several Digital Health transformation projects, such as Digital Hospital & Telemedicine platforms. He has received the Doctoralia Award for the best rated Internal Medicine doctor in Spain and the Best in Class (BIC) 2019 award for the best Internal Medicine service in Spain. He has had the opportunity to participate as author and editor in several books and biomedical journals publications. He collaborates with Internal Medicine and eHealth scientific societies, congresses and conferences organization and with several health NGOs.

Education: Bachelor’s Degree, Medicine, Barcelona University 1996. Internal Medicine Specialist, School of Medicine, Barcelona University, 2002. PhD in Medicine. Barcelona University, 2009. Masters Degree, Health management, Murcia University 2014. Leadership Strategies for IT in Health Care certificate, Harvard School of Public Health, Harvard University. Boston, 2018.

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