Hygiene Audits


Glenda Hahn is the co-founder of Hygiene Audits, a technology company that helps healthcare facilities manage infection prevention and control. Hygiene Audits offers a track and trace system to prevent the spread of infection and digital tools to automate tasks.

Glenda began her career as a nurse and has worked for over 20 years across acute and community healthcare settings. During her career Glenda managed two healthcare companies which gave her a unique blend of commercial and clinical experience, she managed and subsequently sold a healthcare company in 2005. At that time the sale amount was not significant, but the experience of budgeting and staff management were very valuable. Following this  Glenda co-founded another company with her current co-founder and sister which again involved staff recruitment and healthcare. Glenda continued to work in the healthcare sector as a nurse and it became apparent that healthcare managers were burdened with time consuming paper-based systems. Hygiene Audits evolved from a problem in healthcare and the promoters were in the right place to deliver the solution.

Hygiene Audits goal is to make it easy for care staff to follow best practice guidelines and to guide staff to the right hygiene standards at the right location in a consistent way

In 2020 Glenda was honoured to receive two healthcare innovation awards. Hygiene Audits received a European Innovation Headstart award and most recently a Health Innovation Hub Winner 2020 which is supported by HSE & Enterprise Ireland.


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