January 14, 2021
| Digital Series
Accelerate Health


Investor Network Director
StartUp Health

Katya Hancock is the Investor Network Director at StartUp Health, which was founded in 2011 to invest in a global army of entrepreneurs, called Health Transformers, to achieve health moonshots. Katya is a passionate advocate for health entrepreneurs and an active member of the startup technology ecosystems in the Bay Area and New York City.

Katya joined StartUp Health in 2013 and focuses on a broad range of activities designed to help Health Transformers build equity value including: managing the StartUp Health Network Team, which is focused on developing relationships with customer and investor stakeholders, leading capital raise efforts to build strategic partnerships and expanding StartUp Health’s global footprint. Additionally, Katya regularly meets with senior leadership across the healthcare industry to help them advance their innovation strategies, and prepare them to work with the best startups in healthcare.

Prior to StartUp Health, Katya worked in the technology industry as a key team member at three financial tech startups, helping two of them grow to be acquired by Fortune 500 companies. Her experience includes corporate strategy, strategic partnerships and business development, product management, marketing, and capital raising.