Patient Researcher and PhD Student
Uppsala University and Radboudumc


Sara Riggare, MSc, PhD cand, is a Swedish engineer living with Parkinson’s disease since more than 30 years. Ten years ago she decided that she wanted to combine her engineering skills with her patient experiences to work to improve the healthcare situation for herself and others with chronic diseases. Sara’s work and research is focused around different aspects of patients’ perspectives in healthcare and research. She explores how patients can learn from their own observations, grounded in her own experiences with managing her own disease. Sara is one of the leading self-trackers of Parkinson’s disease in the world.

Sara is an appreciated speaker on patient-related issues, both in Sweden and internationally. She is also an advisor to the Swedish government on Life Science issues. Internationally, Sara collaborates with and advises the British Medical Journal, the World Parkinson Coalition, Quantified Self Labs, and Stanford Medicine X.