Saran Muthiah

CEO, Founder  EnrichMyCare 

Saran Muthiah is an accomplished clinical leader and startup CEO. He has over 20 years of multinational experience with a unique mix of clinical, business and technical competence in the healthcare domain, particularly in treating children with neurological and movement disorders.  

Saran has dedicated much of his career to continuously improving the quality of care for children with neuro-disabilities. He has successfully managed to establish specialist services within the National Health Service, UK. However, in spite of establishing processes to improve care quality, the gaps in communication and poor coordination of care particularly across various organisations and agencies have lead to poor outcomes along with the increased cost of healthcare. Saran therefore ended up founding EnrichMyCare, an artificial intelligence powered personalised healthcare platform that helps address all the challenges experienced by parents and healthcare professionals. 

EnrichMyCare is being piloted by a cohort of families of children with disabilities who have been providing overwhelmingly positive feedback. The platform is soon due to be piloted by healthcare organisations in England.