Co-founder, CEO

Ph.D. Eng. Vizitiu Sveatoslav is the leader (CEO) of the fantastic talent team at Wello - one of Romania's successful and awarded start-ups in Digital Health. He specializes in all technical aspects of the business, covering areas in innovation, digital health, strategy, business intelligence, and more.
His passion for innovation can be traced back 13 years ago when he worked for Google bringing new ideas to life. Since then, he's been working with over ten companies outside Romania in developing new and leading-edge solutions, helping their clients with the digital transformation.
Outside of the office, he's a city dweller who loves to travel, partake in outdoor activities, and find new adventures along the way. Also, he's committed to education, and along with his team from Wello, he's involved in programs for tackling obesity for young children and help their families develop new customs.