Co-founder of BARTs Youth Forum
NHS England Youth Forum


From a young age I have been enmeshed into healthcare through my own condition: Christmases, Birthdays, the hospital very quickly became my second home.

Aged 13 as an inpatient I gathered young people on the ward and discussed the care we were being provided. After gathering the concerns I approached the Play Specialist to form a hospital youth forum and have a say on policy areas. This was my entrance into patient advocacy.

Now I am committed to activating patients towards contributing to their own care and embedding pathways for their contributions in every area. Being appointed a member of the NHS England Youth Forum I've engulfed myself in national consultation to truly represent patients. Since, I have broken into historically traditional institutions, such as the National Institute of Clinical Excellence and Health Education England, to encourage co-devising alongside patients.

Right now we are seeing a revolution for healthcare to centring change around the patient, and in my talk I am bringing this conversation to the digital world.