The transition to ICD-10 is one of the biggest challenges we’ve faced in healthcare.  As such, providers need a resource that will help them address and mitigate possible risks of the conversion to patient care and revenues.   The HIMSS/WEDI ICD-10 National Pilot Program is a cross-industry effort that will deliver testing tools needed to support providers as they implement the ICD-10 code set.   

How Can You Help?

The HIMSS/WEDI ICD-10 National Pilot Program requires considerable resources.  While we have already received more than $750,000 in in-kind donations, there are still significant costs required to ensure success.

Sponsoring the HIMSS/WEDI National Pilot Program will give you unprecedented visibility within the industry and – more importantly – with possible clients and partners. 

The model is simple.  You choose the activities and Pilot work products you want to sponsor.  They range in size and dollar amount from workgroup meetings to the final Pilot report.  Based on the contributed amount, one of the following sponsor designations will be assigned:

Sponsorship Designation
Contribution Amount
Contributor <$25,000.00 (USD) Company name and logo on ICD-10 testing pilot website & work group teleconferences
Bronze $25,000.00 (USD)

All of the Contributor level benefits plus:

  • Company name and logo on ICD-10 National Pilot Program articles
Silver  $50,000.00 (USD)

All of the Contributor and Bronze level benefits plus:

  • Corporate description and contact information on ICD-10 testing pilot website
Gold $75,000.00 (USD)

All of the Contributor, Bronze, and Silver level benefits plus:

  • Mention of company in all ICD-10 testing pilot related press releases
  • Opportunity to author articles on behalf of the Pilot Program (final outcomes report excluded)
Platinum $100,000.00 (USD)

All of the Contributor, Bronze, Silver, and Gold level benefits plus:

  • Company name and logo on all Pilot outcome reports with an ability to help author the document
  • Inclusion in ICD-10 NPP Leadership Team planning meetings, communications, teleconference meetings,  and articles


Each level of sponsorship hosts added benefits that will provide additional visibility and contact with the stakeholders your organization would like to engage.  

The cost of failure is much too high!

The ICD-10 implementation represents a monumental change to how the healthcare industry documents, communicates, bill and pay for much of the care received in the U.S.  Without the efforts of the HIMSS/WEDI ICD-10 National Pilot Program, we will lose access to invaluable insight that may help the healthcare industry offset the cost and risks inherent to code translation.

To explore sponsorship options that best meet the needs of your organization, please contact Juliet Santos, HIMSS Senior Director at jasantos@himss.org and Program Manager, Ebony Morgan at emorgan@himss.org.