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HIMSS Student Membership Policy:

Updated June 2018

Student Membership is designed for individuals engaged in formal study, as defined by Board policies, in the fields of healthcare information and management systems. Student Members are afforded the benefits of Regular Members except the rights to vote or hold elective office.

Board Policy:

New Members:
Individuals applying for Student membership may not hold a full-time equivalent (FTE) position in the fields of healthcare information and management systems. Individuals must also be formally enrolled in, but not limited to, a: certificate, associate, undergraduate, graduate, postdoc or fellowship, or residency program.

Renewing Student Members:
Individuals seeking to renew their Student Membership in HIMSS will be allowed to do so assuming they are still enrolled in formal study and do not hold an FTE position. Current members can change their membership type to Student if the following apply: you are enrolled as a student and you are not currently employed in an FTE position. 

Student Membership Profile:
Individuals seeking Student Membership are required to provide and maintain a Student Member profile. All Student Members are required to create/review/update their profile in order to complete the join or renewing process. Profile creation is automatically included as part of the registration process based on selection of Student Membership.

Student Membership Tenure:
Student Membership in HIMSS is limited to a lifetime maximum of five (5) years. Any extension beyond five years must be pre-approved by HIMSS Membership.

Student Membership Qualification for HIMSS Events:
Individuals seeking to register for a HIMSS event as a student, should a registration category for student be available, may not hold a full-time equivalent (FTE) position in the fields of healtcare information and management systems and must also be formally enrolled, but not limited to, a: certificate, associate, undergraduate, graduate, postdoc, or fellowship, or residency program. Accepted documentation includes:

  • Copy of your current class schedule
  • Copy of university transcript (unofficial is acceptable)
  • Other enrollment documentation from your institution on university letterhead signed by department chair or other school official

Student Membership Sign-Up and Verification Process*
Individuals eligible for Student Membership in HIMSS are allowed to register and pay dues for membership at any time using the HIMSS online membership registration process at

At the time of your registration you will be required to provide your Student Member profile which includes:

  • the name of your educational site,
  • program type,
  • program hours enrolled,
  • program start date (must be prior to date of membership application),
  • expected award/graduation date,
  • documentation of your enrollment, and
  • attest to accuracy of the information provided and of your eligibility for Student Membership.

Accepted Documentation of Student Enrollment:

  • Copy of the member or applicant’s current schedule
  • Copy of University transcript (unofficial is acceptable)
  • Other enrollment documentation from the institution on University letterhead signed by department chair or other school official

*Documentation of student enrollment may also be submitted within 30-days of Student Membership registration to:

In addition, Student Members agree to random audits by HIMSS staff and upon request must provide evidence of enrollment within two weeks of the request date. If no information is provided the membership renewal type will by changed from Student to Regular. At the end of the fifth year of Student Membership renewals will be changed to Regular Member status unless pre-approved by HIMSS staff to continue as a Student Member.

Student Membership Dues

  • Dues for student membership are per calendar year based on the first day of the month in which payment has been received by HIMSS for new and renewing members.
  • Dues fees are subject to change at HIMSS's discretion.
  • Student membership dues rate is only available at time of new membership purchase or at time of student membership renewal. 
  • No dues refunds, transfers, or adjustments will be made to an individual member’s profile if dues were paid at any other level prior to their official full-time enrollment at an educational site.