Technology Implementation, Including Workflow

Selecting and installing a new technology requires good project management practices. In addition, patient engagement technologies must be user-friendly for the patient and enable a smooth workflow for providers.

  • Make a decision on the scope of the implementation. For example, what would the patient portal include? Examples include appointments requests, prescriptions and lab results.

  • Select a technology. Will it be part of an existing vendor product, as EMR vendor portal or an add-on? Does add-on integrate with your EMR? Where will the data live (e.g., cloud, SaaS, internally hosted)? Do you have the necessary tools and storage to keep the data secure and available?

  • Identify impacts on workflow and create a plan (e.g., when and how to release lab results, routing appointment requests, triage process for secure messaging).

    • Include workflow strategies for correcting errors in the medical record that have been requested by patients.

    • Ensure adequate staffing within clinical setting, as well as IT staffing to support the application.

  • Develop a privacy and security policy, including rules regarding proxy access.


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