Telehealth and Practice Management Part 2

The incorporation of telehealth technologies into integrated systems of care offers ways to address some of the challenges of access, specialty shortages, and changing patient needs both in the rural and urban settings.  Through the adoption of telehealth, we have seen many small and medium sized medical practices (including Federally Qualified Health Centers) become better prepared to participate and succeed in new payment and delivery models.   Join us for the second of this two-part webinar series, "Telehealth and Practice Management",  we will explore the existing and emerging challenges and risks engendered by the use of technology.

Learning Objectives

  • To understand the past, present and future direction of telehealth within the context of the small to medium sized practice.
  • To get a glimpse of models that have worked in transforming health outcomes.

  • To understand the depth and breadth of the clinical applications of telehealth presently in existence.

  • To learn about free resources available  to small and medium sized practices interested in integrating telehealth technologies into their systems of care delivery.

Guest Panelist

Wibberly Pic  Kathy H. Wibberly, PhD.
Mid-Atlantic Telehealth Resource Center (MATRC)



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