Tips for Cultivating a Productive Team Culture in Analytics

In healthcare today, analytics are more important than ever: more data is available, the market is becoming more data-driven, and demand for data is ever-increasing. BI/Analytics teams who can deliver high-quality metrics to their customers at a rapid pace are critical to the success of every healthcare organization. 

In this presentation, Ann Goldman and Deb Curley discusses the factors that go into creating a strong analytics team, and shares tips for cultivating a productive team culture. Using real-world examples, they show the impact of hiring the right people, right-sizing the process, and empowering the team to develop and deliver solutions quickly while still maintaining data integrity. 

In this presentation, you will: 

  • Learn how to create a highly productive analytics team
  • Understand what is important for developing a strong analytics team
  • Discover how culture plays an important role in your team’s productivity
BI/Analytics team development, culture, productivity, staffing resources, clinical and business intelligence, HIMSS