Valdez Family Clinic - Davies Ambulatory Award

Valdez Family Clinic is a single-location family practice serving South San Antonio, Texas — an economically disadvantaged and medically underserved community. The clinic is a professional corporation, owned and operated by Alicia V. Valdez, MD (University of Illinois 1997), who is a native of South San Antonio. Founded in 2006, the practice had its origin in 2001, when Dr. Valdez and a partner established the South San Antonio Family Practice.

Read an Excerpt: 

While Dr. Valdez had ultimate authority for the selection of the EHR, to ensure support from the entire staff, she included them in the research process. Because of the close-knit working environment of the clinic, Dr. Valdez placed a premium on staff wishes in the selection process. 

Dr. Valdez began researching EHRs by reading a variety of trade articles and system reviews on the American Academy of Family Practice website. This gave her a general understanding of how EHRs had evolved since her residency. However, the selection process began in earnest in March 2006, when an EHR show was held nearby. Many of the EHR vendors on Dr. Valdez’s preliminary list were scheduled to attend the show, providing her an opportunity to see them in action.