What is the HIMSS Value Score?


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The HIMSS Value Score is a complimentary online analysis tool that allows healthcare provider organizations across the continuum of care to measure and manage the return on health IT investments, implementations and usage in the pursuit of increased operational productivity and higher quality clinical outcomes at the unit, department, and enterprise level.


Using a proprietary algorithm and hands-on analysis from HIMSS subject matter experts, the HIMSS Value Score measures your organization’s progress in gaining the most benefits from your health IT investments and identifies opportunities for improvement in accordance with five key categories through the Health IT Value STEPS framework:

  • Satisfaction
  • Treatment/Clinical
  • Electronic Secure Data
  • Patient Engagement and Population Management
  • Savings

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With over 50 years of experience and access to over one million experts worldwide, HIMSS has long been a trusted source and thought leader in developing a framework for health IT success and accreditation along with bringing the market together on common goals. Upon entering the next phase of technology optimization and innovation, healthcare will need a new, truly universal standard model for value – the Value Score fills that void.

What are the Benefits to Obtaining a HIMSS Value Score?

For C-Suite and Senior Executives

  • Track and report progress to key stakeholders on your organization’s efforts to maximize health IT operational and clinical benefits
  • Build value-focused strategies for future health IT investments
  • Focus resources more efficiently on population health management and emerging value-based payment models
  • Assess the gaps and identify opportunities in your value optimization strategies

For Clinicians

  • Establish a value benchmark against which you can measure your organizational and clinical benefits
  • Strengthen your business while improving the relationship with your patient population

For Federal/State/Local Public Health Facilities

  • Demonstrate how publicly funded healthcare organizations have optimized value to achieve the triple aim of improving population health, enhancing the patient experience, and reducing the per capita cost of health care


Once I Have Obtained a Value Score, What Can I Do With It?


Here are some suggestion on how you and your organization can utilize the analysis provided by the HIMSS Value Score:

  • Reconvene data collection team and review scores within each value pillar to identify strengths and opportunities
  • Analyze case examples where submitted information was limited and determine if case studies could be “strengthened” 
  • Analyze strong case examples to see if similar examples exist within the organization and/or could be replicated for additional case examples
  • Strategize on ways to improve current performance and set appropriate performance targets\
  • Leverage Value Score submission as part of Davies Award submission 

Looking for more information on how to gain the most from your organization's Value Score analysis?  Reach out to value@himss.org

Looking for more information on how your HIMSS Value Score is the first step on the path to a HIMSS Davies Award of Excellence?  Reach out to value@himss.org  

With the move towards value-based care, the international healthcare community can now look beyond initial adoption and toward a broader, all-encompassing way to measure the clinical, operational and financial value of health IT. The Value Score is a combination of HIMSS' core competencies and is the natural next step in the continual evolution towards better care and outcomes for patients and providers.

Stephen Lieber, President and CEO of HIMSS.