Clinical Quality Measures - CY 2018

Mandatory CQM eReporting Requirements for Medicare

In 2018, all eligible hospitals must electronically report eCQM data in the manner described below or face the EHR Incentive Program negative payment adjustment for failing to successfully meeting Meaningful Use clinical quality measure reporting crtiteria.

  • eReporting submission criteria, reporting periods, and submission deadlines will be published in the CY2018 IPPS Final Rule (will be published in August, 2017.)
  • eReporting EHs and CAHs must use CEHRT and the latest version of eCQM specifications (May 2016 Annual Update.)
  • eReporting EHs and CAHs must submit patient level data using reporting standard QRDA I to QualityNet
  • Hardship Exemption:
    • Attestation in 2018 will be allowed for EHs facing circumstances which render them unable to electronically report (such as a data submission system failure, natural disaster, or certification issue outside the control of the provider) who may attest to CQMs if they also attest that electronically reporting was not feasible.