Clinical & Business Intelligence

Clinical & Business Intelligence (C&BI) is the use and analysis of data captured in the healthcare setting to directly inform decision-making. It has the power to positively impact patient care delivery, health outcomes and business operations, as well as realize improvement in our nation’s entire healthcare system and the medical and economic wellness of patients.

C&BI solutions extract data from IT systems into centralized, secure repositories or federated databases for the purpose of analysis. Combining the best of both business intelligence and clinical intelligence, it provides historical and predictive views of the organization’s operations, and a similar view of clinical care, in order to enable better business decisions and improve patient care delivery, all while improving the organization’s fiscal sustainability.

Every healthcare organization has different needs and goals, therefore every clinicnal and business analytics program will be different.  However, there are some core actions and best practices you can take and tailor to your needs to improve your clinical and business outcomes.