What is the Value Suite?


The HIMSS Health IT Value Suite is a collection of practical and measurable tools and resources that allow healthcare organizations to embrace the change that technology enables in order to maximize clinical, operational and financial outcomes on their journey to demonstrating the value of digital health. It provides organizations with the means to assess their value-based care optimization efforts, create their health IT optimization strategies, achieve their goals, gain recognition for their efforts, and finally, share their success stories with others like them - all by leveraging the power of people, processes and technology to transform health and healthcare through IT.


Assess your organization's HIT optimization efforts by obtaining your Value Score


Build your value optimization strategy for the five types of HIT value covered in the HIMSS STEPSTM Framework


Achieve your goals with Guides to Value


Gain recognition for your organization's HIT value optimization efforts by applying for a Davies Award


Discover the latest news and analysis on the healthcare industry's transformation to a value-based care model

Analyze the Impact of Your Health IT Investments on Your Clinical, Operational and Financial Outcomes

The HIMSS Value Score is an online analysis tool that gives healthcare provider organizations the ability to measure and manage their strategic decisions about the return on their health IT investments, implementations and usage in the pursuit of increased operational productivity and higher quality clinical outcomes at the unit, department, and enterprise level.

Value STEPS Framework

The HIMSS STEPS™ value realization framework provides an easily understood vocabulary for stakeholders to leverage when formulating strategies related to operating in a value-based business model. The STEPS™ value realization framework is built around five major categories of value that can be driven through the use of health IT.

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Value Guides

HIMSS Value Guides provide best practice guidance by offering education and action plans from industry thought leaders focused on key areas that drive health IT value optimization. Here, healthcare organizations can gain insights on the best approach to take to leverage people, processes and technologies as it relates to timely issues that improve all stakeholders' experience of care, improves the health of populations and reduces the per capita cost of health care.

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Strategic Planning
Clinical & Business Intelligence
Quality & Safety
What is the Davies Award?ENCOURAGE EXCELLENCE

The HIMSS Nicholas E. Davies Award of Excellence recognizes outstanding achievement by organizations who have utilized health information technology, process improvement, and organizational culture-focused approaches to substantially improve clinical outcomes as well as drive operational and financial value. The Davies Awards program promotes peer-to-peer best practice education through education on topics including implementation strategies, workflow design, best practice adherence, and patient engagement.

Davies Enterprise Award Recipient
Pub. Health
Community Hospital/Health Org
Davies Enterprise Award Recipient
Large Primary Care Practice (>10 Physicians)
Davies Enterprise Award Recipient
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