HIMSS Davies Awards 2018: Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi Reduces Patient Wait Times

patients in waiting room

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s vision is to evolve as a worldwide leader in patient experience, clinical outcomes, research and education in a fiscally responsible matter. To do this effectively means evaluating every challenge facing the organization and providing innovative solutions to improve future outcomes. One example of how the health system has aligned their vision with internal improvement initiatives is through a study of their therapy plan ordering process.

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi recognized there was no effective technical order process in place for patients requiring recurring therapy treatments in the health system’s infusion center. This negatively affected the clinician workflows as well as caregiver and patient satisfaction. In order to provide the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi standard of quality and innovative care, it was necessary to create a more efficient method of ordering medications for recurring treatments to reduce visit times in order to positively transform service quality, continuum of care and improve overall patient and caregiver satisfaction.

Innovating for Improved Workflows and Care

The agreed upon process between the infusion center and the pharmacy is that the medication should be received and prepared for administration within one hour. The initial length of stay (LOS) was 142 minutes – which, when reduced by administration time, leaves 112 minutes of waiting for medication arrival.

In order to address this, the organization worked to implement more innovative systems and processes allowing clinicians to plan, release and administer medications efficiently for patients requiring recurring treatments in the infusion center. The team at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi set a goal so orders could be more readily available at point of patient check-in, and to have prescriptions signed earlier in the process by the ordering physician for administration.

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi designed a therapy plan functionality consisting of pre-defined order sets for medication to be administered to patients during multiple encounters, at specified intervals throughout the care process. Through these efforts, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi reduced length of stay (LOS) and improved opportunity for revenue growth, as well as improving communication among key clinical teams. Once this solution was implemented successfully for the infusion center, the same process went on to improve workflows across a variety of departments using the same approach.

HIMSS Davies Award of Excellence

The HIMSS Davies Award of Excellence recognizes outstanding achievement of organizations that have utilized health information technology to substantially improve patient outcomes and value. The HIMSS Davies Award of Excellence is the pinnacle of the HIMSS Value Recognition Program and highlights organizations promoting health information and technology-enabled improvements in patient and business outcomes through sharing evidence-driven best practices on implementation strategies, workflow design, change management and patient engagement.

“At Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi we are committed to delivering world class care to the patients and community we serve,” said Bryan Lord, chief information officer at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi. “As a patients first organization, we use technology to improve and enhance the quality and experience of care we deliver. We are honored to be recognized by HIMSS with a Davies Award for using technology in delivering great care and for the positive impact it has on our patients, community and organization.”

“Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi faced the incredible challenge of starting a new hospital with fully integrated information technology systems across the enterprise while bringing in a global workforce accustomed to using a multitude of different care delivery methodologies,” said Jonathan French, CPHIMS, senior director of quality and value-based care at HIMSS. “With the use of information and technology and their electronic health record as the driver, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi was able to standardize care and improve the efficiency, safety, and quality of care delivery. HIMSS is proud to recognize Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi as a 2018 Davies Enterprise Award winner.”

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi will be recognized during the 2019 HIMSS Global Conference & Exhibition, February 11-15 in Orlando, Florida.

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