HIMSS Interoperability Landscape Environmental Scan Now Available

The HIMSS Interoperability Initiatives Environmental Scan is crafted to initiate simple comprehension of a complex arena: interoperability. The scan helps determine which solutions or approaches to interoperability are available, how they work and which ones might be right for your organization.

Now that the Environmental Scan is live, HIMSS plans to maintain this this tool as a living document – updating and amending as healthcare technology moves forward with new methods of interoperability (think blockchain) or as new organizations that are advocating for, organizing and implementing HIE come to the forefront.

This document is a publicly available resource for all to share and utilize. In turn, keeping it updated, accurate and replete with actionable information is a community-wide effort. We hope that this effort will help mobilize what you learn into action to empower your organization and to participate further in our shared quest to interoperate for better health across our nation and around the world.

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