Measuring & Managing Your Value Progress

The HIMSS Value Score is the Value Suite's complimentary analysis & benchmarking tool, designed for healthcare provider organizations to measure and manage their strategic decisions regarding the return on their health IT investments, implementations and usage in the pursuit of increased operational productivity as well as higher quality clinical outcomes at the unit, department, and enterprise level.  Understanding how to best utilize the HIMSS Value Score will ensure your organization gains the most from its analysis it provides. 


What is the HIMSS Value Score?

The HIMSS Value Score is a publically available tool for healthcare provider organizations that measures the impact health information technologies (HIT) have to deliver value-based care, expressed in a multiplicity of ways, including:

  • Satisfaction for patients & providers
  • Treatment-driven clinical outcomes
  • Effectively secured health data
  • Populations of engaged patients
  • Savings in efficiency, productivity, financially

HIMSS Health IT Value STEPS Framework: The value-based care analysis vocabulary that will help your organization contextualize your Value Score

What are the Types of Value That the Score Analyzes?

There are four different types of value that the HIMSS Value Score analyzes:

  • Baseline Value: Measures your organization’s capability to “metabolize” patient information as reflected in your organization’s electronic medical record sophistication, employment of IT security best practices, and more.
  • Perceived Value: Measures your organization's subjective insights surrounding the impact of health IT in the orgnization as reflected in data capture & sharing, advanced processes, and improved outcomes
  • Recognized Value: Measures your organization's ability to demonstrate the objective impact of health IT in universally expected ways as reflected in data capture & sharing, advanced processes, and improved outcomes
  • Innovative Value: Measures your organization's ability to demonstrate the measurable impact of health IT in unique and non-expected ways

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How Do I Complete a Value Score & What Happens When I Do?

Here is an overview of the process required to complete a HIMSS Value Score

  • Create a Value Score account by completing and saving the first page of the Value Score application
  • Review all the questions required to complete the Value Score application
  • Convene data collection team to assign responsibilities and establish timelines
  • Collect required information
  • Complete the Value Score application and submit

Once you’ve completed your HIMSS Value Score submission, here's a brief overview to the next steps in the process:

  1. Your  Value Score account representative will send your Value Score submitter an email verifying receipt of the submission and the estimated Value Score (estimated delivery time: one business day)
  2. The Value Score analysis team will review submission and generate a verified Value Score (estimated delivery time: within five business days)
  3. Your Value Score account representative will send your Value Score submitter the verified Value Score and .pdf summary of the submission (estimated delivery time: within one business day post-verified Value Score delivery)

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HIMSS Value Score: Determine where you are. Dream about where you want to be. Make it happen with the HIMSS Health IT Value Score.

We've Got our HIMSS Value Score, Now What?

Here are some suggestion on how you and your organization can utilize the analysis provided by the HIMSS Value Score:

  • Reconvene data collection team and review scores within each value pillar to identify strengths and opportunities
    • Analyze case examples where submitted information was limited and determine if case studies could be “strengthened” 
    • Analyze strong case examples to see if similar examples exist within the organization and/or could be replicated for additional case examples
  • Strategize on ways to improve current performance and set appropriate performance targets
  • Leverage Value Score submission as part of Davies Award submission 

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HIMSS Davies Award of Excellence: The HIMSS Nicholas E. Davies Award of Excellence recognizes outstanding achievement by organizations who have utilized health information technology, process improvement, and organizational culture-focused approaches to substantially improve clinical outcomes as well as drive operational and financial value. The Davies Awards program promotes peer-to-peer best practice education through education on topics including implementation strategies, workflow design, best practice adherence, and patient engagement.

How Can I Best Achieve & Increase My Value Score?

Here is some infomration for your organization to consider when completing their HIMSS Value Score:

  • Completeness Counts 
    • Contact HIMSS Analytics to verify or update your current EMRAM or O-EMRAM Score
    • Answer ALL the questions in a case study to receive maximum point
  • Confidential Results and Algorithm
    • Web survey yields a Value Score estimate; a verified Value Score is produced and forwarded to you once HIMSS representatives have a chance to review the submitted information.  
    • The Value Scores algorithm is proprietary and sufficiently complex such that external parties should not be able to re-engineer it with any degree of certainty
  • Report Response
    • High Value Scores are desirable as it reflects an organization that is able to objectively document the “measures” used to manage HIT in their organization
    • Lower Value Scores should be viewed as an opportunity to:
      • Reflect on the organization’s manage/measurement practices
      • Identify areas within the organization where evidences of HIT could/should be realized

HIMSS Value Score: Discover where you are – and how to get where you want to be. Explore the HIMSS Health IT Value Score.