STEPS to Value Podcast Episode #44: The Value of Sisterhood for Better Interoperability

Science confirms what our hearts know to be true.  Our family, and more importantly, our siblings, have a profound effect on our own lives and personalities.  Fellow passengers on our own journey of growing up,   we shape collective memories together from playrooms, bedrooms, dinner tables. A foundation built from sideway glances, inside jokes, shared scars. And then we move out, we grow up,  we start separate lives in separate places.  Our collective memories diverge and begin to yellow with nostalgia.   And then life, and its infinite shifts, tilt our lives back together again.  Births.  Deaths.  A diagnosis.  A fight.  And we once again write another chapter in our shared life narratives.    
Welcome to STEPS to Value, a podcast that explores the intersection of people, processes & technology in healthcare as the industry moves towards a value-focused model.  In this episode, we will talk with the Stroud sisters, Beth and Max.  One sister thriving with cancer, the other, a Health IT consultant & social worker.  In this conversation from HIMSS17, we talk to about their own shared narrative documenting Beth’s patient experience to explore gaps in health data interoperability that may not be evident to those from within a healthcare organization.

This Episode’s Guest:

Beth Stroud The Older Sister)
Lung Cancer Survivor

PhD Candidate

Prinecton School of Divinity

Follow Beth on Twitter: @iestroud


M. Maxwell Stroud, MSW, CPHIMS (The Younger Sister)
Lead Consultant

Galen Health Solutions

Learn more about Max

Follow Max on Twitter: @MMaxwellStroud