STEPS to Value Podcast Episode #68:The Value of Communicating Effectively with Your Board of Directors

The last decade of healthcare’s technological transformation has impacted many, but few more so that the hospital or health system CIO. The role for Chief Information Officers across the country is evolving, from operations to strategy, from leading IT departments to deploy solutions to leading organizations through technologically-driven change. Today’s CIOs need to be as comfortable in the board room as they are in the server room.

Welcome to STEPS to Value, HIMSS podcast that looks at people and processes, information and technology as they work together to transform the delivery of healthcare. In today’s episode, produced in collaboration with the HIMSS Executive Institute, we discuss best practices for CIOs when they communicate with Boards of Directors about the impact of information and technology in the ability to deliver care to their patients. We are joined by Kristin Myers, Sr. Vice President-Technology at Mount Sinai Health System, a 2012 Davies award winner and EMRAM stage 6 facility. Kristin discusses how the role of healthcare CIO has changed in her time in the industry, best practices for communicating about information and technology issues with the Board of Directors, and how CIOs can best support their C-Suite colleagues that interact with or are members of the Board.