Versus 7 Ways RTLS Increases Patient Volume and Improves Satisfaction

Recent federal healthcare reforms call for higher quality, safer patient care delivered with improved customer service. At the same time, declining reimbursements threaten clinic profitably and fuel the need to see more patients in less time. Caught in the middle are medical practice managers, physicians and nurses struggling to realize the promised efficiencies of electronic health records (EHRs) while maintaining high levels of care.

As a result, clinics are searching out technology that can improve efficiency and the patient experience. One innovation that addresses both challenges is the use of Real-time Locating Systems (RTLS).

An accurate RTLS can help practice managers and providers understand patient progression and staff workflows, and eliminate wasted time. RTLS can improve the patient experience and operational efficiency, impacting patient satisfaction. This white paper explains what RTLS is and how it works, and seven ways it can increase patient volume while also improving patient satisfaction—including real-world examples.

RTLS, Volume, Satisfaction