Virginia Women's Center - Davies Ambulatory Award

Virginia Women's CenterOur care team – comprised of OB-GYNs, high-risk pregnancy specialists, nurse practitioners, ultrasound technologists, psychologists and a genetic counselor – are experienced in all aspects of pregnancy and welcome the opportunity to provide care that revolves around you. We have added all of these services and specialists to our practice not only for your convenience, but also because we believe that you will benefit from a coordinated and comprehensive approach to your pregnancy care.

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By instituting EHR, we estimated that we could reduce the number of FTEs per provider and transcription costs by $300,000. Other advantages we anticipated included:

  • Additional savings through efficiencies in workflow that would allow increased patient volume and reduced redundancy in paper handling. 
  • Enhanced revenue cycle management from improved coding, charge entry and billing. 
  • Access to utilization data for quality assurance and third-party payor negotiations, as well as database features to maximize success of our clinical research program. 
  • Improved patient satisfaction owing to simplified registration, flexibility in choice of office location and additional time spent with the provider.
  • Greater job satisfaction among staff with easier access to charts, streamlined tasks and additional time available to be with the patient.
  • Greater physician satisfaction, with improved patient safety and flexibility. The ability to complete office work from a remote site was a growing concern among physicians with young families, as well as the obstetrician-on-call who spends many hours in Labor and Delivery.