What is the Impact of Health IT? HIMSS 2013 iHIT Study

With health IT, is communication lost in translation?
A series of Institute of Medicine reports propose that inadequate communication and lack of continuity of care are primary contributors to medical errors. 

Our 2013 iHIT Study reaches across disciplines with nurses, pharmacists and physicians, exploring the impact of health information technology on communication between clinicians.

2013 iHIT Study Infographic 
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Key findings:

 • General advantages: HIT improves clinician's ability to assume care for patients admitted or transferred to their care

 • Workflow implications: HIT supports clinical processes, including the ability to provide quality care

 • Information access: HIT helps clinicians process data and improves access to information needed to provide safe patient care

 • Communication: HIT helps clinicians to be more problem focused in their communications

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HIMSS 2013 iHIT Study - Final Report

HIMSS 2013 iHIT Study - Executive Summary