Digital Health Transformation

Your Blueprint for Digital Health Advancement

Digital Health Indicator

Your blueprint for digital health transformation

The Digital Health Indicator measures progress toward a digital health ecosystem. An ecosystem that connects clinicians and provider teams with people, enabling them to manage their health and wellness using digital tools in a secure and private environment whenever and wherever care is needed. Operational and care delivery processes are outcomes-driven, informed by data and real-world evidence to achieve exceptional quality, safety and performance that is sustainable.

Based in the principles and evidence of the HIMSS Digital Health Framework, the DHI measures four dimensions that are proven to help your organization advance digital health transformation.



Measure your capabilities.

Take our comprehensive DHI Virtual Assessment,
where you will respond to statements across each of the four dimensions of digital health.
Upon completion, we'll issue you a report identifying
your strengths and opportunities to advance toward a digital health ecosystem. 

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Governance & Workforce

Build governance to support sustainable workforce using outcomes data.


Flow data seamlessly across the health system in real-time.

Predictive Analytics

Proactively prioritize population health outcomes, informed by robust analytics, with real-time tracking.

Person-Enabled Health

Use outcomes data to inform design, implementation and scalability of care innovations that are personalized to the unique individual.

The Journey to Digital Health Transformation

As you start your work with our roadmap services team, uncover how peer organizations are advancing their capabilities and transformation.

We'll conduct interviews with your stakeholders to identify pain points and goals for your transformation.

Our experts will present findings from your DHI engagement and answer questions to ensure C-suite buy-in on your path forward-a critical building block to creating a custom roadmap for a digital health ecosystem.

Based on your DHI Virtual Assessment and the engagement across your organization, we'll deliver a prioritized plan tailored specifically to your needs, your current advancement and your goals for the future.

We offer customized end-to-end strategy that expands our engagement even further into efforts like patient focus groups and additional interviews across your organization. Depending on the scope of the strategy, we can also assist with facilitating RFPs with other solutions and consultants to help accelerate your transformation.


Prepare your health system to increase capacity to keep people well.

The DHI allows you to move toward proactive, predictive care focused on keeping people and populations well.
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