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Free Testing of Immunization-Capable Products

The IIP invites vendors to test their immunization-capable products. There is no charge to participate. Tested products will be expected to have software capabilities that will help clinicians and other immunization providers improve immunization rates – resulting in better health outcomes, reduced healthcare costs, and higher clinician productivity. Testing will cover workflows focused on real-life scenarios that were developed by clinicians, subject matter experts, and other key stakeholders.

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Recognition and Marketing Opportunities

Organizations that have fulfilled the IIP testing requirements, as identified in the program’s guidelines, qualify for recognition in related IIP materials, on the HIMSS website, and through media and social media.

IIP Seal of Recognition
Seal of recognition to add to your website and other materials
Media (year-round exposure)
Prominent logo visibility on IIP website, with hyperlink to organization’s home page.
Invitation to participate in on-site interview at HIMSS Global Conference & Exhibition to discuss value of immunization integration; prominent interview exposure on IIP website.
Invitation to author three blogs per 12 months on the value of immunization, to be posted on popular HIMSS blog.
HIMSS Innovation Center (year-round exposure)
Logo placement at the HIMSS Innovation Center
Logo placement in Innovation Center video demonstrating your commitment to interoperability
Inclusion in the HIMSS Innovation Center Interactive Tour
In-Person Events
HIMSS Global Conference & Exhibition
Inclusion in a press release featuring IIP participants as innovative leaders in interoperability.
Signage within your exhibition booth demonstrating that you are IIP-recognized.
Prominent recognition at the Interoperability Showcase Immunization Use Case demonstration area and IIP educational session.

Learn more about the specific immunization-related capabilities that will be tested, and apply for testing.

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