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IIP Collaborative

Help drive immunization interoperability forward. Join the IIP Collaborative.

The IIP Collaborative was recently formed by the CDC, HIMSS and the American Immunization Registry Association (AIRA) in response to the need for a systematic approach to address challenges with immunization data sharing and processes. The IIP Collaborative is a problem-solving forum for EHR and IIS stakeholders to come together to identify actionable solutions to improve EHR and IIS integration in order to improve the health of individuals and populations. It is designed to be a multi-stakeholder initiative to identify and make recommendations on how to standardize approaches across systems, states and communities.
IIP Collaborative representatives will help drive immunization interoperability forward by:

  • Improving immunization-related workflow and usability
  • Improving immunization interoperability and information-sharing
  • Increasing adoption of immunization-related best practices
  • Standardizing health information exchange engagement
  • Increasing the number of software developer products being recognized through the IIP

Action will be taken on topics like:

  • Standardizing approaches to managing acknowledgement messages
  • Verifying active and inactive patient lists
  • Reconciling duplicate information and incomplete immunization administration

Take Action

We need all stakeholders to get involved with the IIP Collaborative so providers, patients, caregivers and immunization specialists can realize the many benefits of timely and accurate immunization information. 
Help advance immunization interoperability to improve patient care and outcomes by joining the IIP Collaborative. To learn more and participate, contact us at