Wireless Patient Monitoring - Is Wi-Fi Safe and Reliable?

Draeger.gifWi-Fi networks offer reliable, security-protected, proven technology. In order to maximize the benefits of a hospital Wi-Fi network, several characteristics unique to hospital environments, including the clinical workflow, must be reviewed and taken into consideration when designing and deploying Wi-Fi enabled patient monitoring systems.
The number of wireless clients in a hospital seems to be multiplying – encompassing voice, data, imaging and video – which is requiring more from the WLAN.

Realizing the benefits of 802.11 networks will not be as simple as just adding access points.  Instead it will require coordination in the following areas:

  • Design and planning
  • Infrastructure
  • Client devices

When hospital applications rely on Wi-Fi connectivity, hospital staff must have confidence that all Wi-Fi connections are reliable and meet performance requirements dictated by the devices and applications used. To achieve these goals, Biomedical / Clinical Engineers and hospital IT managers should use quality of experience (QoE) as a key performance metric when designing and managing their Wi-Fi networks.

During this webinar, you’ll learn that:

  • Wi-Fi networks are safe and reliable for patient monitoring systems when designed and deployed properly
  • Wi-Fi offers unique benefits to the hospital (ability to monitor patients anywhere in hospital, unlimited numbers of patients)
  • The key to success is in the proper design, implementation and management of the network