Workflow: Hype or Reality?

This webinar examines the escalating importance of connected workflow within and across care paths or supply chains; and how factors of “interconnectedness” are vital to a workflow redesign strategy.

The care continuum stretches across a wide range of people, processes and technologies – none of which are intuitively collaborative.  Merging an understanding of human behavior and relational coordination across teams is complicated – real collaboration and behavior change can only take place when there is system thinking – across teams, across policies, with shared goals and benefit. Technology can support that process. The true change agent is a combined approach.

Collaborative workflow can become a reality.  Research supports collaboration across teams makes for higher job satisfaction.  The end result is improved patient outcomes, enhanced patient experience and dramatic inter/intra-department process efficiencies.  These efficiencies can be measured in a number of ways – not only by patient outcome and satisfaction, but also by increased staff satisfaction during a time when chronic shortages are impacting many specialties.

The speaker will cite "use cases" of physiological monitoring of patients along the care path journey within the hospital and explain how transformational changes in the clinical workflow can help improve patient outcomes.

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Defining the reality of workflow
  • Behaviors that need to change across the care path
  • Metrics that prove it works