Define Current State, Needs, and Goals

Understand, from a project management perspective, what is involved in scoping and delivering a clinical and business analytics project of this magnitude. Be clear about the question you want to answer.  Planning, governance, data, staff, and policy and procedures are critical in this junction.


  • Identify and define goals and outcomes.






  • Understand the project and goals.

-What do I need to know?

-What am I going to do with the information?

-What do I need to know about resources required?


  • Understand current environment/inventory of what you have and know, and what you do.

-Data assets

-Analyst assets

-BI technology assets

-Staffing and skills assessment


-Document your current clinical, business, and operational processes and outcomes.

-Assess baseline clinical, business, and operational performance.


  • Understand the data.

-Who needs it?

-Why is it needed?

-Available and baseline data sources


Case Studies, Use Cases, and Testimonials