Define Technology Specifications

The best approach to identifying the technology specifications for patient engagement is to develop a specification document. The document:

  • Will describe the best approach to meet your project’s requirements.

  • May be very detailed, defining the minutia of the implementation. For example, a specifications document may list all of the possible error states for a certain form, along with all of the error messages that should be displayed to the user.

  • Will describe the steps of any functional interaction, as well as the order in which they should be followed by the user.

  • Will show how to meet requirements.

Specifications may take several forms:

  • Straightforward listing of functional attributes.

  • Diagrams or schematics of functional relationships or flow logic.

  • Prototypes, mockups and models.

For patient engagement, the key is to focus on the usability for specification development. Key questions to ask include:

  • Are these the right requirements?

  • Are they completes?

  • Are they compatible and achievable?

  • Are they testable?

In developing patient engagement technology requirements, user and patient requirements will need the most attention. Examples of system requirements include:

  • Functional requirements

  • User including patient requirements

  • Technical requirements

  • Testing requirements