19 - 21 November, 2022
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Health & Safety Hub

Welcome to the HIMSS22 Middle East Conference, Health and Safety Hub. This page will be updated with information about HIMSS’ plans for health and safety policies for attendees, exhibitors, speakers, and staff at the event. Please check back frequently for updates and additional guidance as we refine our planning. The last update to these pages was made on 11 October, 2022.

HIMSS understands that anyone travelling into Saudi Arabia may be asked to present proof that you are fully vaccinated with an approved vaccine.

Health and travel advice issued by the local authorities in Saudi Arabia should be regularly monitored as this is a dynamic situation and rules related to COVID-19 are regularly changing in Saudi Arabia.

The Visit Saudi website has further information on VISA and travel requirements e-VISA.  However, HIMSS recommends that those intending to travel to Riyadh also refer to their own Department of Foreign Affairs to ensure you are familiar with the guidance relevant to them.

Visitors must fill out the Registration Immunization Information Form on the Muqeem Portal before travelling to Saudi Arabia to allow them to register their immunisation data.

HIMSS22 Middle East Conference & Exhibition is just around the corner, and we are excited to continue to finalise our plans to be together, in-person in Riyadh.

Considering ongoing concerns regarding COVID and communicable health risks more generally, HIMSS will implement health and safety protocols appropriate to the public health circumstances existing at the time of the Conference.  HIMSS will exercise reasonable efforts to utilise protocols that will comply with or exceed any local public health requirements and be consistent with then-prevailing public health standards as issued by relevant public health entities. Those protocols may include but are not limited to the following requirements: vaccination, proof of COVID status, self-monitoring, biometric screening, symptom checkers, contact tracing, use of personal protective equipment and social distancing, or other similar measures.

Compliance with some or all of the protocols adopted by HIMSS may be mandatory for attendance and participation at the Event.  Additional information regarding the specific health and safety measures, and any necessary consents by you, will be communicated to Attendees prior to the first day of the Event.

HIMSS is committed to following prevailing public health guidance and industry best practices for large gatherings, including but not limited to following the current Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health’s guidance specific to Riyadh, that may be in place at the time of the Event.

Additionally, HIMSS strongly recommends all attendees, sponsors, exhibitors and HIMSS staff comply with travel guidelines issued by Saudi Arabia when travelling to Riyadh.  In addition, we expect all individuals will think carefully about any risk they may post to others and to make informed choices about travel as well as onsite and external engagement.

At Hilton Hotel & Residences

There is a COVID 19 testing facility located 400m walk from the hotel.  You can contact them for an appointment.

However, If you require a PCR or Rapid Antigen Test for your return journey you can also contact the reception at the hotel to book an appointment.  Please note, you will need to make this appointment well in advance (15 days is recommended).

The wearing of masks is no longer a requirement in Saudi Arabia.  However, please note that there are circumstances where you may be required to wear a mask, therefore HIMSS recommends you have a clean mask on your person at all times.

The following protocols and safety measures will be in place during HIMSS22 ME:

  • The venue utilises ISO rated cleaning products on all high-touch areas
    • The venue has an increase cleaning schedule in place
  • Socially distanced seating options will be provided where possible and practical in education sessions
  • Exhibit hall will include wider aisles on the floor with booths spaced apart, and increased cleaning protocols will be implemented, including for high-touch areas and/or demonstration products
  • All attendees, exhibitors, speakers and staff should:
    • Not enter the event site if they are experiencing any flu-like symptoms;
    • Wash hands often with soap for at least 20 seconds and/or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer;
    • Avoid touching their eyes, nose, and mouths with unwashed hands; and
    • Engage in additional responsible health and safety practices at all times.

HIMSS recommends that all attendees, exhibitors and HIMSS staff comply with travel guidelines issued by the Saudi Arabian Government when travelling to Riyadh. In addition, we expect all individuals will think carefully about any risk they may pose to others and to make informed choices about travel as well as onsite and external engagement.

There are a number of factors you will need to consider when planning your trip to Saudi Arabia for HIMSS22 Middle East Conference & Exhibition:

  • You must obtain a VISA to enter Saudi Arabia.  Whilst this is possible when you arrive at the airport, to avoid any delays or complications,  it is advisable to obtain your VISA prior to commencing your trip.
  • Visitors are required to complete the Registration Immunization Information Form on the Muqeem Portal before travelling to Saudi Arabia to register their immunization data.
  • It is advised that persons travelling to Saudi Arabia have adequate Travel Insurance
    • NB: you will be asked to tick a box to confirm additional insurance as part of your e-VISA application.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • In education sessions, microphones will be sanitised between sessions
  • HIMSS will make efforts to ensure panels of speakers are spaced out as much as practicable.
  • Attendee/audience seating may be modified to allow for reduced capacity guidelines, and room sets may be modified to accommodate increased spacing.

HIMSS will work to offer robust opportunities to engage with your peers and colleagues on-site, with modifications to traditional event settings that help mitigate risks. Specifically, events may include larger areas than previously, individually portioned food/beverage, alternative food/beverage service protocols, adjusted spacing, and other accommodations.

  • HIMSS will continue to update this website and provide additional communications to attendees and exhibitors; please check back regularly.
  • If you have additional questions please contact reg@himss.org

If you violate HIMSS event policies, including our Health and Safety requirements, HIMSS reserves the right to remove or disable your badge for HIMSS22 ME and may limit your attendance at future HIMSS events. See the “Consequences of Violating These Terms and Conditions” section of our overall event Terms and Conditions, available here.

HIMSS will not be collecting or maintaining information about vaccination status or COVID test results.

External Resources

For further information on entry into Saudi Arabia and other important COVID related information please review the following links to informative websites:


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