Beyond the Dark Web: Healthcare Cybersecurity Trends & Insights

April 4, 2024
Virtual Zoom Meeting

Beyond the Dark Web

Join the Greater Kansas City HIMSS chapter on April 4th to kick off our virtual learning series!

First up is an essential virtual session on Healthcare Cybersecurity Trends & Insights. This session aims to equip healthcare professionals with the latest knowledge and practical strategies to strengthen cybersecurity defenses. Attendees will gain insights into adopting a hacker's mindset for better security, understand cybercrime through revealing statistics, explore unique challenges in healthcare security, and learn about the top tactics, techniques, and processes to mitigate these threats.

Designed for IT professionals, cybersecurity experts, hospital administrators, and anyone with a stake in healthcare cybersecurity, this session promises to offer valuable insights and actionable strategies for protecting healthcare organizations in the digital age.

Register now to secure your digital presence and ensure a safer future for the healthcare industry.

Guest Speakers:

Eric Ihlenfeldt
Eric Ihlenfeldt, Managing Director
Konica Minolta


  Eric Ihlenfeldt is a seasoned Healthcare Services Manager/Managing Director with over ten years of dedicated service at Konica Minolta. With an illustrious career spanning 25 years in the IT industry, Eric has established himself as a leader known for his strategic vision, operational prowess, and commitment to excellence.
Logan Pottberg
Logan Pottberg, Cybersecurity & Compliance Consultant
Konica Minolta


  Logan Pottberg is a cybersecurity services consultant at Konica Minolta.  Logan assists organizations in all industries, with a dedication and specialty in healthcare compliance, IT and cybersecurity.  His guidance helps organizations protect their brand, providing best-in-class cybersecurity services and IT managed services to keep them secure and efficient.


April 4th, 2024

11:30am - 12:30pm CT

Free to all!